I’m Coming Home


As you probably know, Town Cats adopts out 600-1000 cats every year, mostly through our “Adoption Centers” at pet stores. What you may not know is that we also have a number of cats who have been in our care for many years. These long term resident cats have lived at our shelter in Morgan Hill, some for as many as 15 years. These wonderful cats have never experienced the feeling of having a home and their own family to love. We think their forever needs to start now, and we want them to Come Home!

We have successfully adopted out many of these cats over the past few years, but we still have 21 of them here waiting for the “right home” to come along. Many of these are sweet and loving cats that will make great pets, but they cannot be shown at our Adoption Centers because the crowds and other conditions can be overwhelming to them. Some of these are shyer around people, but would make great “companion cats” to keep your existing cat company. We’ve seen some companion cats get adopted and end up thriving in their new home, becoming very social. Others may not be as social with people but will still enjoy being part of your family. We have a few cats who have mild medical conditions or other special needs, but we are sure that there is the “right home” for all of them.

Our goal is to find a home for every single one of these remaining 21 cats, and we are kicking off a new promotion to do so. Our new adoption promotion is called “I’m Coming Home” as we would like to find loving, forever homes for all of these wonderful cats. We believe they all deserve a chance, and hope you all can help us to find homes for each and every one of them.

Each one of these cats has a unique history and a special personality and we know there’s a special place for each of them to call home. If you are looking to adopt a cat, one of these wonderful cats may be just the one for you! We have biographies of all 21 of our cats posted below. We will update this page with additional photos and videos of these cats, so come back and check out this page often!

To meet any of these very special cats, please make an appointment to visit our Morgan Hill facility. Contact us at imcominghome@towncats.org. Please help us find homes for each and every one of these cats. If you are not able to adopt, please pass along this email to your friends and family and help us to give each of these cats a chance to find their forever home. We know we can bring in the new year with a fresh start for these cats, their forever starts now!





akira-cropMy name is Akira. I’m 9 years old and am a female Tortie. I’m one of the welcoming committee here at San Pedro! I love attention and will welcome you right away, I love new people! I love to play with toys and especially that magic (and ever so elusive) red laser dot, that I know one day I WILL catch! While I do enjoy being petted and receiving attention, I also like to be my own kitty. I love sun baths and relaxing my day away, I just enjoy the simple life. If you think I am the cat that you could share the good life with please contact 408 778 6849 and set up an appointment and I’ll be the first one to greet you at the door!



christypetpointChristy ADOPTED!

christypetpoint2My name is Christy and I’m the cutest little gal you’ve ever seen! I’m 9 years old, and am a Calico. I came in with an injury to my tail and after my surgery I was left with the cutest little nub. People think my tail is the cutest, and I think it gives me some great character! I have a sweet little voice to match my cute little self. I really like to talk especially when it is time to eat. I used to be shy and now I’ve blossomed into a social butterfly who loves to get pets, nuzzles, and brushing time.



dorothypetpointDorothy ADOPTED!

dorothypetpoint2I’m Dorothy – I am a senior tuxedo female cat, 15 years old. I am pretty independent, but still enjoy attention and would love to live my senior years with my own family. I like short pets, love to take a roll in the catnip, and also love treats and lunchtime. I prefer to be alone and am looking for a home where I could be the only pet. If you give me a chance I will be forever grateful!



earthapetpoint1Eartha Kitt

earthapetpoint2Hi – I’m Eartha. I am a 10 year old female Tortie, and I have the “Tori-tude” where I know what I want and what I like. I love the attention of other cats, and get along well with them. I’m a bit shyer with people, but if you take it slow I enjoy petting on the lower part of my body. I am not a lap cat, I don’t really want to be held, but don’t  mistake that for me not wanting attention and enjoying the company of others. I would make a great companion in a mellow household with another cat – I can keep your cat company while you are gone, and when you’re home I won’t demand a lot from you.



imacatpetpointIma Cat – 

imacatpetpoint2Hello, I’m Ima Cat. The lady that works here gave me this name, but you can come and get me and give me a new name. I’m a black and white domestic shorthair, and am 4 years old. I like to go to each food bowl here at the shelter and eat out of every single one of them. You never know if the cat next to me has different food, gotta try them all! I would be better off as a garden kitty, where I can roam around. Don’t get me wrong – I am a friendly cat I just prefer the company of other cats over humans.



kalipetpoint1Kali – ADOPTED!

caliinhatcropHey there I’m Kali girl! I’m a petite little beauty who everyone thinks is the cutest. I’m 13 years old, but don’t let that fool you, I’m in great health and have lots of life left to live! I have such a sweet and kind demeanor (I even let them put this hat on me!) Sometimes it takes me a bit of time to warm up when I meet new people, but once I warm up to you then you’ll see how sweet I can be. Do you think you’re the person who will give me all the attention that I need? If so, then contact 408 778 6849 to come meet me.




maleficentpetpoint2Maleficent – 

maleficentpetpoint1My name is Maleficent but I’m definitely more of a princess than anything else. I’m about 7 years old. While I am a reserved and cautious little girl at first,  you’ll know when I’ve warmed up to you when you hear my loud purrs and see my sweet eyes! Will you be the one to give me my happily ever after? If you think you can be my prince in shining armor please contact 408 778 6849 to come meet me.





marcopetpointHi there, my name is Marco. I’m a beautiful solid black cat with green eyes, 8 years old. Some say my fur feels smooth and soft. I’m a bit shyer than the rest of the felines here. The truth is once I get to know you and you get to know me, I can be a sweetheart. I like to get my ears rubbed; that will make me purr for sure. Once you’ve earned my complete trust I will even let you pick me up and I’ll purr in your arms while making biscuits while you are petting me. I believe I’ll be better off with a quiet adult family. Are you my people? Call Town Cats 408 778 6849 for an appointment to come see me.


pearlpetpoint2Pearl – 

pearlpetpoint1Well hello there, I’m Pearl. I’m a 6 year old domestic shorthair brown tabby female. I’m a bit on the shy side but that shouldn’t stop you from considering me. I warm up to people when given the chance, especially if you take your time. I do enjoy playing with feather toys. I would like to go to a quiet home with a loving family. To meet me, please call Town Cats at 408 778 6849





pepperonipetpoint1My name is Pepperoni – yes, I was named after a type of pizza. My two siblings have been adopted, so why not me? I say it’s my turn to find my forever home. I’m a 5 year old female. The Town Cats staff and volunteers call me “adorable”, and say I have a silly side to me as well. I am shy, but if you take your time with me I will reward you with affection. I get along well with other cats, so maybe I could be a best friend for your current cat! I might do well in an indoor/outdoor situation, so if you are looking for that then I am your cat.



pollyannapetpoint1Pollyanna – 

pollyannapetpoint2Hey I’m Pollyanna or Polly for short. I’m 4 years old, a black and white domestic shorthair female. The staff and volunteers here have been working with me to become social and it’s working. Once you earn my trust I like to be petted, however I don’t care to be picked up just yet. I am a work in progress but I still want to find my right people. If you have another cat (or cats), I would get along great with them and could keep them company when you are gone. Even though I may not be super friendly with people, I would love to be part of a family.



rickyroopetpoint2Ricky Roo ADOPTED!

rickyroopetpoint1I’m Ricky Roo and you can call me Mr. Independent! I’m a Bombay male cat, 4 years old. I love to play and I’m such a curious cat. I’m not too fond of other male cats because I think I should be the sheriff in town! I’m very smart and intuitive and though I may take time to warm up to you once I do, you’ll see what a special cat I am. I enjoy the sun and following the staff to oversee the cleaning (I am the boss, after all). Come see why I am one of the staff favorites (shhh don’t tell the others) and contact 408 778 6849 for an appointment to meet me.




rosepetpoint1Hi my name is Rose, I am sweet and known for that famous tortitude. I’m 6years old. I like to be pet and scratched. I like to play especially with that red dot thing (the staff calls it a laser pointer). I really like other cats, and if you have an “only cat” I would make a great sister for him/her, keep them company when you are gone and not demand too much attention from you. Call 408 778 6849 for an appointment to meet me.




spitfirepetpoint2My name is Spitfire but most know me by my nickname Pretty Boy because of my stunning pale emerald green eyes and my regal chiseled face. I’m 8 years old. I’m a little shy on contact and might make you work for my attention like the pretty boy I am but once I deem you worthy I will show you my sweet side. I’m very vocal during meal time and treat time and I won’t be afraid to tell you what I want. I would do great in a home with other cats because I’m a social guy but am unsure of how I’d react to dogs since I have never been around them.



sylviapetpoint1Sylvia ADOPTED!

sylviapetpoint2Hi, I’m Sylvia. I’m a lovable kitty with a sassy side, and am 8 years old. I like to play with all kinds of toys, If I had to choose my favorite I would have to say its the laser pointer toy, I love to chase it around. I also enjoy being petted and I may let you touch my belly on occasion. I would like to go to a home where I can chase my toys all over.  Are you the right person for me? 



tabithapetpoint1I’m Tabitha and I am living proof that age is nothing but a number. Even though I’m 13, I am one of the most playful and outgoing cats at the shelter! I’m always the first to play or try out a new toy! I love treats and I won’t be shy to vocalize during dinner and snack time! I love my friends at the shelter and get along great with other cats. I’d love for you to come down sowe  can meet!  Just call 408 778 6849 for an appointment.



topperpetpoint2Topper- ADOPTED!

topperpetpont1Hi – I’m Topper. Like some of my friends here at Town Cats, I’ve spent most of my life at the shelter. I’m a 5 year old female. And while we all love the staff, we think we deserve a chance to find a family of our own. I am a bit shy with people, but love other cats. I might enjoy an indoor/outdoor setting where I could have some of my own space but also get the chance to hang around with my family. 



valentinepetpoint1Valentine- ADOPTED!

valentinepetpoint2I’m Valentine – a 6 year old female cat. I am FIV+, which just means I need to be an only cat or live with other FIV+ cats. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a member from the big cat family as a pet? If you have then I’m the next best thing, I’m basically a mini jaguar, not only in my looks but also in the way I carry myself.  I am very intuitive, smart, and I can be very loving with the right person. It takes me time to become comfortable with new people. I don’t like to be over stimulated, but once I get to know you I’ll be the most loyal companion around. I’m not fond of sudden movements or loud noises so please take your time with me. If you’d like to come to meet me on my side of the jungle call 408 778 6849 for an appointment.




Yoyo – 

yoyopetpoint2Why hello there, I’m Yoyo! I am a sweet girl who would love to be your extremely loyal companion if given the chance. I’m a 10 year old female orange tabby. I like to cuddle with my fellow feline friends and lounge my day away. If you take the time to let me get to know you, once I warm up to you I will be your forever friend. I like the mellow lifestyle so I would do best in a house without small children. You can visit me at Town Cats in Morgan Hill or call 408-788-6849 for an appointment.