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Sweetie Pie and Mustache Mama

Listing Date: 11/25/2017

These kitties recently lost their home and are looking for a new one!
Sweetie Pie and Mustache Mama are about 7 years old, a bonded female pair. They are mellow, adaptable, and enjoy meeting new people! They are current on their licenses and shots and are both indoor. They are currently residing in San Jose. Can you help? Please contact Kathleen at 408-674- 2625 (txt ok) or 408-275- 6169.



Listing Date: 11/1/2017

Circumstances have happened where I need to find a new loving home for one of my cats. Her name is Geisha and she is 14. She is a long haired Tortie and very loving and affectionate once she gets used to you. Please let me know if anyone would like to adopt her or knows of a good home for her.   Please contact Greg at: or 951-333-2200.


Misty and Purraw

Listing Date: 10/24/2017

Purraw (Short hair, Female, Spayed, Senior, Medium)   Age: 10
Purraw is an independent girl who loves to be on her own. She’d rather relax in the sun or find a quiet spot, but once she warms up to you, she can be sweet. Once she’s gotten to know you, she’ll let you pick her up for a bit too. Purraw has always been a healthy girl and hasn’t had any known any major health issues and pretty much acts the same as she was when she was a kitten. She’s the alpha indoor girl so she will likely not get along with other cats but she’s grown to love and is often snuggling with her friend, Misty (also posted here). Purraw’s owner can no longer keep her and would love to find a forever home for her and her friend Misty if possible, however, not necessary to keep them together.
Misty (Short hair, Female, Spayed, Senior, Medium)  Age: 10
Misty is very sweet and loving girl. Wherever you are, she’ll want to hang around be close to you. If you call her or rub your fingers together, she’ll come running! She is not a fan of being picked up but will cuddle with you as long as you like. She is great with kids and will likely get along with other friendly cats – but does not like dogs. Misty has been healthy all her life, but has recently come onto some health issues. She’s lost some weight, has started drooling, has been grooming a lot and we found a growth on her tongue. Misty’s owner had the vet take a look at her and had some tests and procedures done and found out that she’s an all-around healthy girl and tested negatively on major tests, but is just having an allergic reaction to fleas which is causing the growth on her tongue. She’s taking some medicine with her food now, which will stop the growth and allergy, and is already showing much improvement. She’s an indoor girl and loves to sit in the sun or snuggle with her friend, Purraw (also posted here). Misty’s owner can no longer keep her and would love to find a forever home for her and her friend Purraw if possible, however, not necessary to keep them together.
Contact Virginette at or 408-391-3118

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