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Listing Date: 8/22/2017

Hi! My name is Josie. I am an indoor cat only. I was born on May 5, 2014. I am a beautiful gray and
white spayed Tuxedo girl. I love to eat and I weigh 10 pounds. I am healthy (fully vetted) and up to date
on all my vaccines. I am a bit shy until I get to know you then I will nudge you with my head to be
petted. Right now I live in a house with another cat and two small dogs (who I pretty much just ignore!).
Mom thinks I would like to be an only cat with no young children. I am a good girl with so much love to

give! Do you have a forever place in your heart and your home for me?  Contact Sheila Scaglione at:



Listing Date: 8/22/2017

Hello, my name is Buster. I am an indoor cat only. I was born on April 20, 2014. I am a very handsome
neutered, black and white Tuxedo kitty. I am a healthy 10 pounds, up to date on all my vaccines and
fully vetted. I am a very special guy with lots of personality. Right now I live with another cat and two
small dogs. I love them all! I like to lay on the floor next to the dogs and imitate them rubbing their
backs on the floor! I know my name and come when I am called. I love to be petted! When Mom is
sitting on the couch I like to go up to her and flop on to her lap on my back and let her pet me. I am
currently looking for my forever home. I am a very good boy who has lots of love to give and I promise

to keep you smiling with my silly antics!  Contact

Sheila Scaglione at: or via cell – 408-887-7848


Diesel and Ollie

Listing Date: 8/21/2017

Animal name: Diesel and Ollie
Date of birth:  April 2015
Weight:  8 lbs each
Breed: Diesel DLH and Ollie DSH
Physical Description:   Diesel long hair and Ollie short hair black
Personality Description:  Diesel loves cuddles and tries to go outside.  Ollie is a little skiddish and can go outside for one minute lay on the grass and then comes back inside.
Spayed/Neutered:  both are neutered
Vaccinations:  not up to date
Animal History:  Adopted together as 8 week old kittens in 2015 but cannot take them to our new home (rental).
Contact Name:  Michelle Frase
Contact E-Mail:
Animal Bio:  Diesel is a very friendly and beautiful white cat with gray ears and tail.  He is friendly and loves to cuddle. His brother, Ollie, is a little skiddish and nervous around people he doesn’t know.  He likes to cuddle if he is very comfortable with you but otherwise shy and likes to keep to himself. He plays a little bit with Diesel when they are in playful moods in the morning.



Listing Date: 7/10/2017

Henry is a sweet, beautiful 3 year old DSH who has a brown ticked coat with white patches (possibly part Abyssinian) and green eyes. He has the softest, sleekest, shiniest coat and does not shed a lot. He has an initially shy demeanor, but will quickly come out of his shell once he’s comfortable. Henry loves to lay right next to you and get his chest & belly rubbed. He’s a purr machine and always curious. Henry loves to chatter at the birds & squirrels from the window. He always lays down with his front paws crossed like a gentleman. Henry has a fondness for fleece blankets and will occasionally cover himself in one 🙂 Henry is never aggressive or malicious and loves to play, especially with squishy rubber children’s toys which is so funny! He always lets you know what he wants with his strong meow and cute chirps.

Henry does well with one other docile kitty he can play and snuggle with, but does not do well in a multi-cat household. Too many cats at once overwhelm and stress him. He has been around small dogs (30 pounds & under), but we are unsure about larger dogs and small children as he’s never been around them. Henry prefers things being quiet & peaceful.

If at all possible, it would be beneficial for him to keep the name Henry as he immediately responds to it and it’s been the only name he knows.

Please contact Angela at



Listing Date: 7/10/2017
Animal name:   Grayce
Date of birth: Estimated in 2012 or early 2013
Weight: 11 lbs
Breed: Russian Blue / Grey domestic short haired
Physical Description: Beautiful grey short haired cat with soft fur
Personality Description: Shy but very friendly.  Lap cat.  Needs human or animal companionship.
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Rabies, FELV, Distemper, negative combo test June 2017
Animal History: TNR cat appeared October 2013 approx 1 year old.  Partner cat died June 2017.  Looking for a home.
Contact Name: Ken Coppola
Contact E-Mail:
Animal Bio:
Grayce came into our lives in October 2013 as a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) cat in the neighborhood.  What stood out very quickly was his personality – he was a lap cat.  We would sit outside and he would jump into our laps looking for attention.  We had thought about finding him a home back then, but he was very attached to another community cat.  The two would go everywhere together, including hanging out in front of my house.  Sad to say that his friend was killed in June and he has been heartbroken.  He needs companionship from a family or an adult female cat.  We would love to keep him, but we have too many cats and two of ours were non-adoptable ex-stray cats as well that do not accept any new cats in the house.  If you are looking for a very friendly lap warmer or have a older female cat, Grayce would be an excellent addition to your family.



Listing Date: 7/9/2017

Mikki needs a home. 10 year old female DSH. Gets along with dogs. Friendly and loving, loves kids. Owner has cancer and had to move home with her parents and the parents are allergic. Please share if you know anyone that can foster or give her a really good forever home ❤❤

Owner said she will take her back when she’s well again if someone can foster.

Her name is Mikki
Born: June 2005ish
Weight: 13 lbs approximately
Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Physical description: Black and white, medium – long hair, nice coat. Long whiskers, green eyes.

Personality: Loving, likes to sleep during the day or hang by the window. Eats only her dry food and water. Not interested in any other food. Loves to be pet and loves belly rubs or to cuddle on your lap. Pretty easy going. No previous health problems. She is currently an indoor cat however she has previously been indoor/outdoor with cat door.
Spayed: yes
Vaccines: not current due to being an indoor cat at this time.  Can bring the vaccines current if needed.
History: no previous medical problems.
My contact information: Julie- 408-470-9676
I am interested in a foster home for approximately 6 months. Will pay for food, litter and any upcoming medical concerns.
We are willing to give her a good permanent home also considering she may get attached. She needs a home asap. Thank you so much for any help you can provide! We really appreciate it!


Princess, Small Fry and Yodel

Listing Date: 6/30/2017

Animal name: Princess
Date of birth: Fall 2006
Weight: 9 pounds
Breed: Domestic Medium-Hair
Physical Description: Princess is a real beauty with her dilute calico coloring, dainty frame and green eyes. She is gray, white and a soft peach color.
Personality Description: She lives up to her name by perching herself on the highest point in the room and lording over her dominion, she once even got herself stuck on top of the kitchen cabinets! She can be a bit aloof to new people, but at night there is nothing she loves more than a cuddle with her family or Small Fry, her BFF. Princess can also be very bold, and has been known to bait and then harass dogs. Although she will stand her ground with a dog, Princess would prefer a dog-free home. Princess and Small Fry were adopted together as kittens and would love to live out their lives with each other.
Spayed/Neutered: Spayed.
Vaccinations: Up to date, also has a clean blood titer test.
Animal History: Adopted by newlyweds nearly 11-years ago and originally called Contessa, Princess has been a wonderful family pet. However, one of the kids in the family was diagnosed as cat allergic, so for the last few years, Princess, Small Fry and Yodel have been living in a separate part of the house. Now that the family is moving to a house that cannot provide this separation, Princess and her friends need a new forever home. Her family is very sad to part with her, she’s a great, loving girl, but hope she will bring another family as much joy and fun!
Contact Name: Jenise Thompson

Animal Bio:  Princess is a wonderful cat who loves to climb to the highest perch available and lord over the home. She often resembles a statue as she watches the world go by. At night, this prim and proper little lady loves to cuddle. She can be bold and daring, like the time she ended up on top of the kitchen cabinets, and will stand her ground with dogs, although she doesn’t really care for them (dogs). Princess and Small Fry were adopted together as kittens and now, due to an allergy in their family and an impending move across the country, are in need of a new home. Could you be the new forever home for these little ladies? We hope so!

Animal name: Small Fry
Date of birth: Fall 2006
Weight: 12 pounds
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Physical Description: Small Fry is a cute little tuxedo cat with a demi-moustache on her face.
Personality Description: Small Fry, originally called Cassandra, is a scrappy little cat who demands your love and attention. She will dutifully follow you everywhere you go, even the shower! She almost saunters while walking, and loves to be as close as possible to all the action in the house. She loves to play with her housemates, BFF Princess and late-arrival Yodel, although sometimes Yodel is a bit too playful for Small Fry. Small Fry can be a bit skittish and does not like dogs.
Spayed/Neutered: Spayed.
Vaccinations: Up-to-date, also has a clean blood titer test
Animal History: Adopted with Princess nearly 11 years ago, Small Fry is fun little cat that, as a kitten, would climb up your pant-leg to sit on your shoulder while you walk around the house. Thankfully, she’s stopped doing that now that she’s bigger. Although we’ve loved having her as a part of our family, one of the kids in the family was diagnosed as cat-allergic, so for the last few years, Princess, Small Fry and Yodel have been living in a separate part of the house. Now that the family is moving to a house that cannot provide this separation, Small Fry and her friends need a new forever home. Her family is very sad to part with her, she’s a little cat with a big personality who will bring a lot of love and fun to her new family!
Contact Name: Jenise Thompson:
Contact E-Mail:

Animal Bio:  If you’re looking for a little cat with big personality, Small Fry is the cat for you. She loves to follow you around and once earned the nickname ‘Hold-me-love-me’ from a contractor working on the house because of her constant desire to be right there with him investigating everything he did! Although she loves people, she can be a bit skittish around other animals, hiding or puffing up to twice her size when she sees a dog. Princess and Small Fry were adopted together as kittens and now, due to an allergy in their family and an impending move across the country, are in need of a new home. Could you be the new forever home for these little ladies? We hope so!

Animal name: Yodel
Date of birth: 2010
Weight: about 20 pounds(!)
Breed: Domestic Long Hair/Norwegian Forest Cat
Physical Description: Yodel is a tomcat through and through. Tall, mostly gray with a thick coat that requires regularly brushing. He’s so big that he travels in a medium size crate. He is an excellent jumper and can clear a queen size bed from a sitting position.
Personality Description: This big boy has a big personality to match! He’s a talker and can often be heard from down the hall, through closed doors, you get the idea, he lives up to his name! He loves to play with toys, chase anything, be carried around, anything that involves attention. He really is a kitten at heart!
Spayed/Neutered: Neutered
Vaccinations: Up-to-date, also has a clean blood titer test
Animal History: Ah, Yodel. He started life on the streets, we think. He literally jumped through our front window one morning and when we put him back outside, he refused to leave. After nearly a week living in a pot on our porch, he jumped in the car to go to work with my husband, and the rest, as they say, is history. He easily integrated himself into our family, including our existing two cats, Princess and Small Fry. The biggest surprise was his size, although we were told he was about a year old and full-grown, it turns out he was just malnourished from his life on the streets, within 6 months he had nearly doubled in weight and grown several inches taller! He’s been a great member of the family ever since. However, one of the kids in the family was diagnosed as cat-allergic, so for the last few years, Princess, Small Fry and Yodel have been living in a separate part of the house. Now that the family is moving to a house that cannot provide this separation, Yodel and his friends need a new forever home. We’re sad to see Yodel go, he has so much personality and we often wonder what he’s trying to tell us with his meowing!
Contact Name: Jenise Thompson

Animal Bio:  Toys, treats and talking, that sums up Yodel, a beautiful gray tomcat in need of a new home. Yodel started out his life on the streets before jumping through a window to find a family. He is a chatty cat that will tell you all about his day. He is playful and a good jumper. His early years on the streets behind him, Yodel is looking forward to a forever home where he can socialize with everyone in the family without issue! Although Yodel has lived with Princess and Small Fry for the last 6 years. He is a very friendly and outgoing cat who would likely be happy as long as there is another cat to talk to in his new home.


Tiffany and Blondie:

Tiffany (right) was a few years old when she became socialized, but she never really lost that wild streak. She’s not exactly a lap cat and is best suited to the outdoor life, ideally on a farm or at least somewhere where there is a bit of room to roam.

Blondie is Tiff’s niece. She’s a shy and sensitive little thing, but with a lot of love to give.

Their shots are all up to date, and full records are available from Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic in San Jose.

If you’re interested in these Himalayan beauties, please contact Eamonn at

Animal Names: Tiffany and Blondie
Listing Date: 06/18/2017
Physical Description: Himalayan
Spayed/Neutered: yes
Vaccinations: CURRENT
Contact Name: Eamonn
Contact E-mail:


Snowball and Leo:

Animal name:Snowball
Listing Date: 6/18/2017
Date of birth:june/july of 2015
Weight:7-8 pounds
Physical Description:petite, mostly white fur
Personality Description:shy but once she is comfortable she is such a lovebug and cuddler
Vaccinations:yes 2017
Animal History:n/a
Contact Name:angelica andrade
Animal Bio:  Snow is super cuddly and loves to be rubbed on. She is shy around kids, she is great with my other male cat, they’re buddies! They cuddle and play together. I am hoping to keep them together. She loves to talk! She loves playing with string toys and lasers.
Animal name:Leo
Listing date: 6/18/2017
Date of birth: April 2015
Weight:17 pounds
Breed:DSH orange tabby
Physical Description:orange tabby, short hair
Personality Description:very independent, shy
Vaccinations:yes 2015
Animal History:n/a
Contact Name:angelica andrade
Animal Bio:Leo is pretty independent but he loves his buddy snowball.Not very vocal, He’s a typical ‘lazy cat’ he likes his space, but once he grows a bond with he is a cuddler and super affectionate, shy around young kids, so I would say he’s comfortable with kids 11 years and up.


We have a loveable female cat named Bitters who needs a home. She turned 9 years old April 27 2017. She has been spayed and microchipped and is an inside kitty. Bitters misses her Momma who recently passed away. She loves to lay on your lap and she actually gives hugs as well. She is a mixed breed of Siamese and something else. Loves to play with her toys. Bitters would like to go to a home where there are no other pets but she would compromise for a good home. My name is Yvonne Melicker and my email address is





Animal Name: Bitters
Listing Date: 06/05/2017
Date of Birth: 4/27/2008
Physical Description: Mixed breed female Siamese cat, shorthaired gray with white paws
Personality Description: Very friendly, likes to sit in lap, give hugs, and play with her toys
Spayed/Neutered: yes
Vaccinations: CURRENT
Contact Name: Yvonne Melicker
Contact E-mail:



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