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Happy Endings: Jackson and Alex find a new home

Luis and Evelyn and their 2 children ages 11 and 13 had come to Petco Blossom Hill several weeks ago when they started their search for 2 cats. They went to all the shelters looking for just the right pair, but were not having any luck. After ending up back at our Petco Adoption Center they knew instantly that Jackson and Alex were a perfect fit for them. These two boys are very high energy cats, but are also incredible love bugs. Betty Wenker, our volunteer store lead, had cared for these two boys for several months. Unfortunately they had come down with a case of ringworm and had to be isolated from other cats and regularly dipped to treat the ringworm. Throughout all of this, Betty and Jackson and Alex persevered, with help from Sarah, another one of our fantastic volunteers. Sarah and Betty routinely did the dipping, cleaning, and medicating, while also providing love and affection for the two boys. Happily, a few months later, these two sweethearts have now found their forever home. The family was so excited you could feel the energy as they carried Jackson and Alex out in their very own brand new carriers to go to their new home! Thanks to Betty and Sarah, along with our staff, for all of the hard work you put in to get these two love bugs...

Happy Endings: Violet and Skippi Together at Last

Violet was trapped in the San Jose area and brought into a local shelter a while back. The shelter asked for help from a rescue organization to help care for her, as she had a severe case of URI (upper respiratory infection), and a punture wound on her hind leg. We were able to step in and help Violet, thanks to one of our wonderful volunteer fosters. While Violet was being fostered, a former adopter shared the story with her sister Skippi. Skippi was thinking about adopting and wanted a long haired young cat, and when she heard about Violet she knew this was the perfect cat for her. Skippi was willing to wait for weeks on end so this beautiful girl could have the time she needed to get better. Finally all of Violet and Skippi’s waiting was rewarded and last weekend was the perfect time to transition Violet into her new forever home. Thank you Skippi for opening up your heart and home to sweet...

Happy Endings: Darth Sidius thriving in her new home

Darth Sidius aka Siddy was adopted two months ago, and we’re happy to report that she has adjusted very well in her forever home. Her new mom said… “Two months today since Siddy came home with us and we see a huge change from the first day. She is not scared of the dog. She is a master gardener .. just replanting and rearranging the indoor plant. I am so thankful that you guys took such great care of her. She is so sweet and loving.” Help us to have more Happy Ending stories to tell, and spread the word about the cats we have available for...

Dusty and Little Bit Find Amazing Forever Family

We love to receive emails from our adoptors about what inspired them to adopt and the impact our cats have on their family. Here is one from Michelle Lawrence, who adopted Dusty and Little Bit (now Shadow) in late October. Thank you Michelle for sharing this lovely story with us, and we hope these two sweet fur-balls bring you tremendous joy! “We will be forever thankful to Town Cats and their amazing volunteers who spend countless hours fostering cats and kittens then donate their weekend time to bring their foster fur babies to adoption fairs!      Our story of adoption from one of these amazing foster moms, Kim, began at Petco. We went to Petco on a Saturday to purchase some food for our fish. We went on a Saturday specifically so my two young sons and I could enjoy visiting the cat adoption fair. We had wanted to adopt a new cat at some point since our cat of 18 years had passed. That Saturday proved to be ‘the day’ where a volunteer walked up to me and asked if I would like to hold a kitten. He put a beautiful, friendly, loving, and happy gray kitten named Dusty in my arms, and I knew immediately that this little kitty was meant to be in our arms forevermore! All the animals I have ever adopted I always just had a ‘feeling’ the moment I met them and Dusty was absolutely the one for us! Kim was very kind and patient with me as I asked her questions about Dusty willingly educating me about kittens since I had only had a full-grown cat before. Kim also explained to me about the social...

Love Pays It Forward

Anindita adopted Ian from Town Cats ten years ago when he was six years old and renamed him Daku. He provided the family with many wonderful memories but sadly he passed away in July. His family loved him so dearly that they wanted to find a way to honor the joy that their beautiful boy Daku brought them. So, Anindita contacted us to let us know they wanted to pay for the adoption of the next senior kitty in memory of Daku.  It was their way of paying forward the love that Daku shared with them the past ten years. He was a handsome man-cat and Town Cats would like to thank his family for opening up the opportunity for another kitty to find forever love. Rest in peace Daku. Because of their kindness and generosity, one of our long-time senior kitties was able to go home her new family with her adoption fees already paid for. That senior kitty is Princess, who is a special needs main coon kitty born with an injury to her spine.  She moves a little slow but she is a wonderful affectionate lap cat who loves being the center of attention. She is very affectionate and has quickly embraced her new family, Alice and her dog Raiden.  She quickly made herself at home and let Raiden know who is the boss! But that is ok, her new pet mom does not mind it and Raiden seems to be fine with that too. “I am falling in love with her, and I think the feelings are mutual.  She seems to know that  she’s home and she’s very confident in...

Get Tatie a Kitten for her 10th Birthday!

Kids are the best at making birthday wishes.  Parents receive requests for a new toy, a bike, video games, etc. What about a pet? What does a parent do when their child wants a pet so passionately that she leaves countless Post-it Notes as reminders that her birthday is approaching, including specific details of her birthday wish? And Tatum (who goes by Tatie) did just that!  After finding what seemed like a zillion sticky notes everywhere with specific details of her request, her parents, Aaron and Carrie started their search for a kitten to surprise their daughter.  She had been begging for a kitten for months and the sticky notes were her game plan–and it worked! On September 18, they came to Town Cats’ adoption center at Petco on Blossom Hill where they met our sweet little boy Liam.  They went over the checklist and he was tiny, he was orange, and he was stripped. He was a perfect match! Tatum’s birthday was on September 21 and boy was she surprised at her early birthday gift! Who she named Charlie. Happy Birthday Tatum! From all of us at Town Cats, may you and Charlie have a wonderful life! Help us save more cats and kittens by making a gift to Town Cats today.        ...

How Kittens Ushered me through Grief

by Betty Wenker Volunteer: Foster and Adoption Center Manager Geez, where do I begin? In the year 2014 I had to put down my cat who was on his way to being 21 years old. Then in February 2014 I lost an aunt that was like my second mother. In April 2014 I had to have my 17 year old male dog put to sleep from an injury he received. Then came May and I lost my son who had a heat stroke and died at the age of 50. I was recovering from all these losses and headed into January 2015 and lost my husband who was my best friend.  Totally unexpected!! I had an extremely hard time dealing with this loss, and with all the other losses it really took a toll on me.  I couldn’t sleep nights and would work until I was exhausted and still didn’t sleep much even then.  I missed him terribly in the evenings and mornings.  We had a super relationship and the house was always filled with fun and laughter and teasing.  We made an incredible team and accomplished many things together.  NOW my whole world was turned upside down without my beloved groom.  I knew I was going to be headed into some very rough times with memories and knew my life had to change somehow or I wouldn’t get through it. Then in June 2015 my daughter sent me a note asking if I wanted to take on fostering kittens.  I decided that just might be the thing to ease the pain from my losses. The first arrivals were...

Meet Carmelita Coleman

Carmelita has been helping cats all her life. “I just do it because I love to do it,” she says. People call her all the time with questions about cats. Carmelita is a cat resource for her friends, giving advice on trapping and fostering. For years, Carmelita ran a one-woman rescue, trapping cats, bottle-feeding kittens, getting the cats spayed/neutered, placing ads in the newspaper and finding each one of them a good home. She says she would always charge a little bit to get decent people. Back in 2004, Carmelita and her husband moved to Morgan Hill from San Jose. Within a year, she had adopted Rea from PetSmart Gilroy, and beautiful Rea is still the matriarch of the family. When the founder of Town Cats, Rosi Mirko, met Carmelita, she recognized Carmelita’s expertise and dedication and Rosi talked Carmelita into fostering for Town Cats. Carmelita has been involved with Town Cats ever since. Carmelita now shares her cozy home with Rea and two, feline “foster failures” – Olie and Leila. Back in the 1960s when Twiggy was a famous fashion model, Carmelita was a local fashion celebrity. Like Twiggy, Carmelita is tall, thin and strikingly beautiful. Carmelita worked in San Francisco modeling at the City of Paris, The White House, Saks Fifth Avenue, and The Emporium. Her fine eye for marketing and merchandising with her modeling days. For years now, she has been merchandising our cats at our adoption centers. She creates colorful blankets and beds for the cats, cage toppers, table cloths and curtains for the adoption fairs and our shelter. Carmelita loves the change of seasons...

Casey Jones, a Story of True Love

  Have you ever been caught in an impossible situation on your own with no hope in sight? Meet Casey Jones. He was in great pain. Cold. Starving. We know that Casey once had a home and people who loved him but he was lost and alone. He could not find his way back home. He was on his own trying to make it on the hard streets of San Jose but he was not doing too well. He was struggling to survive. He was slowly dying. Casey was a full-grown, adult, male cat, a Flame Point Siamese with beautiful, blue eyes and a glorious plume of a tail, but he was now painfully thin, weighing just 4.75 pounds, and he had a badly broken leg which dragged behind him. The last couple inches of his tail had been severely injured and it was necrotic, rotting. He had two, deep puncture bite wounds that were infected and oozing pus. It was cold and he was so very hungry and thirsty. Things were looking grim. He was in deep trouble.Meet Carissa, Sofia, and Christina: our first heroes Three teenage girls were out together walking on their high school campus when they discovered Casey curled up in a small ball under a bush, with his beautiful, fluffy tail wrapped tightly around his battered body; he looked like a small fox. He was trying to keep warm, trying to find safety in an overwhelming, painful world. He looked back at the girls from over his tail with wary, defeated eyes. He did not even lift up his head. The kindhearted girls felt...

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