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Meet Pirate and Ember – Available for Adoption!

These cute boys are currently at the Petfood Express Adoption Center, stop by and meet them (1152 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose)   Ember  My name is Ember. I’m dark as night, full of adventure, and sweet like sugar…. I am a very comical guy, always curious, and I love to play! I’m a cuddler, and I love getting and giving affection! I love to snuggle and I like to explore. My tail is different, or so I always hear, but in a funny way. Scratch my  back and the tip of my tail touches the back of my head! I have a lot of personality! For example, I love to be in tunnels–something about them, I’ve never found a tunnel I didn’t like! And laser pointers! I will chase down every toy you throw for me. I really like kids, and I’m not easily startled, I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty brave. I have the funniest little meow, and I am quite the talker. I have never been around a dog, but I think I could handle it. I am one of 8 kittens, and I’m the last one left. I like to think people are saving the best for last. Lucky for me I was introduced to Pirate. We’ve become the best of friends and we do almost everything together. In my foster home there was a second floor window and I LOVED to watch the birds and squirrels. (we took a vacation there.) I would prefer to stay with my friend, but if we had to be separated, for the right home that might...

Dusty and Little Bit Find Amazing Forever Family

We love to receive emails from our adoptors about what inspired them to adopt and the impact our cats have on their family. Here is one from Michelle Lawrence, who adopted Dusty and Little Bit (now Shadow) in late October. Thank you Michelle for sharing this lovely story with us, and we hope these two sweet fur-balls bring you tremendous joy! “We will be forever thankful to Town Cats and their amazing volunteers who spend countless hours fostering cats and kittens then donate their weekend time to bring their foster fur babies to adoption fairs!      Our story of adoption from one of these amazing foster moms, Kim, began at Petco. We went to Petco on a Saturday to purchase some food for our fish. We went on a Saturday specifically so my two young sons and I could enjoy visiting the cat adoption fair. We had wanted to adopt a new cat at some point since our cat of 18 years had passed. That Saturday proved to be ‘the day’ where a volunteer walked up to me and asked if I would like to hold a kitten. He put a beautiful, friendly, loving, and happy gray kitten named Dusty in my arms, and I knew immediately that this little kitty was meant to be in our arms forevermore! All the animals I have ever adopted I always just had a ‘feeling’ the moment I met them and Dusty was absolutely the one for us! Kim was very kind and patient with me as I asked her questions about Dusty willingly educating me about kittens since I had only had a full-grown cat before. Kim also explained to me about the social...


Snazzy, along with his two sisters, Mazzy and Jazzy, were days away from being euthanized before being pulled from a local shelter where they were surrendered, by Town Cats when they were 2 weeks old, still too young to eat on their own. Placed in special Foster Care where they were monitored and bottle fed around the clock every two to four hours for the next four to six weeks, and given lots of human contact and attention.   It was quickly discovered that Snazzy was born with a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia (http://chcat.org/about-ch-cats/), which only causes him to have unsteady head motion at times. His issue will never get worse nor will it affect the length of his life. He was extremely wobbly at first and would sometimes walk around in circles, but over time he has gotten so much better and has surprised all of us with his amazing progress! He can now walk in a straight line, eat food from a dish without making a mess, use his litterbox with no problem, and loves, loves, loves to play and snuggle! He lets nothing stop him from enjoying life, and can do anything his sibling can do. He is a sweet boy with a non-stop purr, and usually initiates a little tussle with his sister, Mazzy. While he is a special needs kitten who will likely be a little bit “different” for the rest of his life, he should not be any more trouble than a normal cat and should live a long and happy life. Snazzy and sister, Mazzy now has full freedom in the...

Need a Summer Project? Are you staying local this summer?

We are in the middle of kitten season and it takes many hands to save these precious lives. There are many ways to help homeless kittens. Can you offer to babysit a litter of kittens while their foster is out of town for a week?   Are you patient and kind and willing to love on some reluctant kittens who are still unsure about people? We have healthy, beautiful kittens in need of more TLC and socialization. The kittens need time and love to learn to trust people. We use toys and food to win them over. There is nothing like it—witnessing their curiosity and courage. The feeling of satisfaction is absolutely rewarding when you earn affection from a formerly scared cat; there is nothing quite as good as love freely given — a head butt, an invitation to a belly rub. Do you have a room and time you can dedicate to a special needs’ kitten who requires a special diet and medications four times a day? It is very satisfying to provide care for a special needs who just requires a quiet space and meds.  This can be a very short-term commitment of a weekend, a day or even a couple of hours.  We sometimes need drivers to drive our kitties to the vet as well. And don’t forget the bottle babies!   Sometimes newborn kittens wind up separated from their mama. These baby cats need to be protected and nurtured by fill-in human mamas and papas. Raising bottle baby kittens is a specialty; it is rewarding, demanding, lifesaving work. We will show you how. Spend some...

Together Forever! Twice the Fun!

Adopting a Kitten? Make it a Double!               If you’re thinking about bringing a kitten into your life, there are many reasons why you should actually consider doubling that and bringing home a pair. Yes, think two instead of one. Starting off with two may actually be much easier and more beneficial—for the kittens and for you. You save two lives and get twice the fun. It’s a win-win! Twice the love! Twice the cuddles! It’s insanely fun to watch two kittens playing together! Two kittens can entertain each other when you’re busy or away at work! There’s not much added cost to having a second kitten! Now through the end of July, adopt a pair of litter-mates OR a bonded pair of foster-mates and get two fabulous kittens for just one adoption fee of $125—and we’ll send you home with a free bag of food! (No mix and match—kittens must be related or have been raised together to qualify.) To adopt any of these beauties, please contact Kathy at 408-332-1000 or via email at khagan@towncats.org.                 Visit our database and sort for cats under 1 year old to see more kittens here.   Prefer an adult cat? Open your heart and home to ONE or TWO of our wonderful adult cats who have been waiting for their forever home in one of our adoption centers, we’ll send them home with free bag of food and a new cat bed! Adopt TWO adult cats that are related or get along well with each other, and you’ll...

Valentino – A Valentine’s Day Love Story

On a routine trip to the Walmart on Almaden in San Jose, one of our volunteer families, a mom and her two teenage daughters, noticed a small orange kitten dodging under the cars and run into the bushes. The girls insisted they learn more and were surprised to find four kittens looking to be about 3 months old, which were immediately assigned fall-themed names (Draco, Pumpkin, Spice and Boo). The kittens did not appear feral, although they were cautious of people they still seamed curious and friendly.  They were young enough that they could still be socialized or TNR. The girls insisted on coming back with a trap immediately as living right next to a major highway came with many potential dangers. It proved to be more difficult than one would think. You see, it appeared there were many kind-hearted people feeding the kittens and food was readily available, so the drive go into the trap to eat was not there.         They took Draco home and immediately it was obvious this was no feral kitty. He was super skittish and scared but immediately nuzzled into the arms and neck of the family that rescued him. That moment he stole their hearts. For several months he lived in a bedroom and learned to not jump at every sound or run under the bed at every move, but he was always a lover-boy and the family was willing to give him the time he needed to adjust. Mom was perfectly happy foster him for as long as possible, but the reality was they could not keep him. So...

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