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Go Orange for Prevent Cruelty to Animals Month

April is Animal Prevention Cruelty Month because that’s when the ASPCA’s charter was signed back in 1866. The ASPCA’s brand color is orange, so it only makes sense to “go orange” to raise awareness and help promote cat and dog rescue. Of course we think everyone ought to be thinking about preventing cruelty to animals every month, but we’re also into raising awareness any way possible, so we’re going orange in April! Sometimes it feels like there’s some kind of horrific animal cruelty news every single day — so much that you might feel like avoiding it all together. It’s easy to feel defeated and helpless, but here are some things you can do to help do your part in the fight against animal cruelty: Make a donation to your local animal welfare organization: Whether you donate money or your time, every little bit counts. Obviously we hope that you donate and/or volunteer with Town Cats (click here to donate), but we encourage you to find and support any organization that helps animals. Don’t support pet shops that sell animals from mills: Let your money talk. Encourage adoption: If you know someone who is considering a new pet, help them find a rescue or shelter to adopt from. Educate: Talk to friends, family, and your community about animal cruelty, and make sure to let them know there are ways they can help....

Feline Infectious Diseases Training Workshop – March 17

Want to learn how you can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and keep our cats healthy while they wait for their forever homes? Please join us for a fun and informative training with our very own Dr. Bing! She will teach you everything you need to know about common cat diseases seen in foster cats; the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments given! All active volunteers are encouraged to attend. Friday, March 17th at 7:00pm at the Vineland Library Community Room 1450 Blossom Hill Road in San Jose. Please email us at for more information or to sign...

Foster Volunteer Orientation – March 16

If you have a spare room, a flexible schedule and a warm heart, please consider becoming a foster parent for Town Cats of Morgan Hill! In exchange for free room and board, we can promise you lots of hugs and purrs! Foster parents care for young kittens and cats that aren’t quite ready for adoption. The foster parents provide the personal care while Town Cats provides the medical care and guidance. In return for your care, you get training and support! And, of course, lots of love and gratitude too! You may wonder why an animal needs foster care. It’s simple. Like people who lose their homes, animals need time and a warm, safe place to get their bearings and to get ready for the next step. Ready to be a hero? Not sure? Afraid you’ll fall in love and won’t be able to let go? Talk to us. We’re foster parents too. Come join us! Our next Orientation will be held: Thursday, March 16th at 6:30-7:00pm at the Vineland Library 1450 Blossom Hill Road in San Jose Please email us at to sign up! Immediately after the orientation, we will hold a more detailed training session on how to care for orphaned kittens. You are welcome to stay for that session which will run from...

Tribute to Daisy

Unfortunately we lost one of our longer term cat residents last week. Daisy lost her ongoing battle with kidney issues, and we had to say good bye to her. Rather than mourn her passing, we wanted to celebrate her life and share her story. Daisy came to us when Town Cats took on a local hoarding case a few years back. When she arrived she was very timid and not in the best health. After a whole lot of TLC and socializing she came out of her shell and began to blossom. She loved cuddling with her gal pal and partner in crime Miss Eartha Kitt. She was an unbelievably sweet girl who loved to show her affection by purring – she didn’t even need to be petted to purr, sometimes just a look in her direction would elicit a purr-fect response. Daisy loved to play with string, bat toys around the room and didn’t let her age stop her. Temptations were her favorite treat, and she always begged the staff for them.   Daisy had been suffering with ongoing kidney issues for the past few years and being the tough girl she is was able to bounce back many times even when we were unsure if she’d pull through. Daisy never ceased to amaze us with her vibrancy and ability to overcome obstacles. Sadly, her kidney issues flared up again two weeks ago and after two days at the emergency vet she crashed very quickly. She was loved by everyone who was lucky enough to meet her, and will always be remembered. We love you so much Daisy Mae...

Update on “Club Feral” Cats

First of all, thank you so much to all of you generous people who donated bedding and other supplies, along with money, to help us get our “Club Feral” location cleaned up. Unfortunately with all of the ongoing rain, we still have not been able to completely get things ready and move the cats back over, as with each storm we have gotten another round of flooding. Luckily none of them have been as bad as the first time. All of the cats have remained at our indoor location through the past month to keep them safe, and we are happy to report that they are all doing well. One of them (Kyra) got adopted out to a wonderful past “Working Cat” adopter, so she has been placed at her forever home. The other 6 are thriving in their new home. While they are in a smaller space than they would have at our outdoor location, they seem quite content and have become more comfortable each day. Below you can see a couple of great photos that Art Bibar was able to take of them. On the top you see Nadius and Carlos snuggling together, and below that you see Manxy. We hope to be able to get these cats back over to “Club Feral” soon, if the weather will cooperate. But in the meantime they are happy, healthy, warm and...

Putting “Club Feral” Back Together

On January 8 we had major flooding at our outdoor location in Morgan Hill, where we have offices and also have an outdoor area for feral cats. We had to evacuate the cats, and they have been living in an indoor enclosure at our other location in Morgan Hill for the past couple of weeks. The outdoor location (affectionately known as “Club Feral”) had additional flooding in the second wave of storms Jan 18-22, and we are just now finally getting everything dried out and cleaned up. We are asking for your help to get the place set up to return the cats – we have everything largely cleaned up but we need replacement bedding for the beds and feral dens for the cats. If you have used blankets or towels or cat beds that you can donate, we would appreciate it. Please contact us at and we can let you know where you can drop off the donations (we have a location in San Jose and a location in Morgan Hill where you can drop items off). We are planning to move the cats back over the first week of February, so we would appreciate any donations of bedding in the next week. We could also use a couple of tall cat trees/towers.  Finally, if you prefer, we would gladly accept monetary donations to help defray the cost of cleanup. Unfortunately we have had to spend several thousand dollars on the cleanup and dryout process. Thank you for any support you can give!...

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We need foster families to help homeless community cats and kittens. If you have a spare bedroom or can dedicate a bathroom to a few feline boarders then fostering might be for you. You supply the heart and home and Town Cats will provide the medical needs, the supplies and help find the cat or kittens as home. Fostering makes a great family project – do not hesitate, sign up today!

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