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Guidelines For Placing An Animal In A New Home

If you are looking for a home for a companion animal or stray and need some ideas to help find a good home, please review and download our guidelines for placing your pet or stray animal in a new home. These guidelines include tips on what you should do to prepare your animal for adoption and how to screen potential adopters to make the right match for your animal.

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Sabrina and Serena Williams

Listing Date: 3/18/2018

Animal Names: Sabrina and Serena Williams

Location: San Jose, CA

Meet Sabrina and Serena Williams. These two cats love to cuddle with each other and have been good friends for years, they are like two peas in a pod! Preferably, they could be adopted together. Both kitties are currently being fostered in a temporary living situation and are looking for their forever family. They are indoor cats, never try to scratch or bite, are litter trained, spayed, and are used to eating dry food from a cat feeder (low-maintenance feeding).

Animal name: Sabrina

Date of birth: 2006, about 12 years old

Weight: ~8-9 Lbs.

Breed: Domestic short-hair

Physical Description: Black fur, green eyes Personality Description: Affectionate, excitable, and dog-like Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Vaccinations: AUG 2016, will arrange vet visit before adoption

Animal History: Adopted from a shelter in 2008 at 2 yrs old

Pet Bio: Sabrina is a short-haired black, adult cat who is more like a dog than a cat. She loves to greet you when you come home and enjoys being petted and played with. This kitty has long fangs which makes her look a like a sabertooth tiger but has the sweetest personality you will ever meet. She also has large green nickel sized eyes and the cutest meow, which are very endearing. She looks like the cat version of Toothless from the movie How to Train your Dragon. This kitty has both unique looks and loves everyone!

Fun fact: Sabrina likes to eat pesky bugs for you and play with hair ties.

Animal name: Serena Williams

Date of birth: 2005-2006, Adult (12-13)

Weight: ~7-8 Lbs

Breed: Domestic long haired

Physical Description: Black and white fur with yellow eyes

Personality Description: Relaxed, calm, and curious S

payed/Neutered: Yes

Vaccinations: AUG 2016, will arrange vet visit before adoption

Animal History: Former stray, adopted years ago

Pet Bio: Serena Williams is a very pretty and elegant, long-haired black and white kitty that enjoys looking out the window and is a great couch buddy. Serena doesn’t have any serious health issues apart from some superficial skin problems and requires occasional grooming to prevent hair balls (long haired cat). She was a stray that was adopted by a kind young man who died suddenly. As a former stray, she likes food to be easily available to her. Serena has gone through a lot and has a wise and calm personality.

Fun fact: Serena loves the smell and sound of lunch meat being opened. She once ate an entire hot dog in 15 seconds.

These cats are the perfect pair and complement each other’s personalities. It is very entertaining to watch them play together and they provide great companionship. They are waiting for you to be their forever home.

These cats are the perfect pair and complement each other’s personalities. It is very entertaining to watch them play together and they provide great companionship. They are waiting for you to be their forever home.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Lily R at


Listing Date: 2/22/2018


This is Junior, he will be 9 years young on March 8th.  He has been an indoor cat his entire life.  Junior is neutered and updated with current shots.  He has been chipped and all medical records are available.

Junior is a sweet boy and has been a cherished member of our family since we adopted him at 8 weeks old.  Junior is a diabetic cat and is on a wet food only diet (No dry food, Fancy Feast Classic Pate is Vet recommended).  He does require two insulin shots per day for his diabetes.  Aside from his shots, Junior is a normal, super affectionate cat, and loves attention.  Junior seeks out affection and loves to have his face massaged. He frequently head-butts to show his affection and will rub his face to yours.  He also loves to be hugged while receiving kisses on his head as he stands on the counter top.  At night, he will routinely find his way onto the couch to cuddle on your chest, stretch out and have you hold him while he falls asleep in your arms. He has a comforting purr and prefers a gentle fingertip rubs, over a nice scratch.  Junior has so much love to give to a family that provides the right environment for him to live.


The ideal home for JR would be with someone who can administer his insulin daily, no dogs or children.  But most of all, the ideal home is one that can provide love and affection to him. If you can help, please contact me at:

Walker, Texas Ranger

Listing Date: 2/6/2018


Walker is an 8 year old indoor cat who needs to be fostered or a permanent home. He is engaging, friends with all, and a lap cat. He loves to be held and scratched all over. He will come to the door when you come home to say hi. If you or some one you know can help please contact us.

Name: Walker Texas Ranger
DOB: October 2010
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Color: Black/White
Spayed/Nuetered: Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Rabies- 3/16/18
Other- 12/18
Contact Name: Dave Bertolucci
Contact Info: