7 Inexpensive Ideas for Cat Toys

7 Inexpensive Ideas for Cat Toys

by Rachel E. Nichols

When you bring your furry baby home, along with the proper food for their dietary needs, a cat
brush/comb, litter boxes, blankets, and other basics your cat will need daily exercise and
stimulation. This is true even for a senior cat, though youngsters will get into more mischief.
These toys don’t have to be expensive. For that matter, they don’t even have to come
packaged as pet toys from a store. Here are some out-of-the-box ideas:

1. Milk rings. The kind that come whole off milk bottles. Some cats will even play fetch with
these like a dog with a miniature frisby.
2. Old stuffed toys. Roll these around in loose catnip and the fun increases.
3. Old socks that lost their mates, have holes, or both. Also good in catnip.
4. Discarded plastic straws. Especially the bendable kind with an elbow. Some cats carry
these across the room in their mouths.
5. Small rubber balls that kids sometimes play with. They have to be small though. Not
much bigger than very large marbles.
6. Rubber bands. Shoot them across the room and watch your cat pursue them.
7. Wadded up tinfoil, waxed paper, or cellophane once used to wrap around meat or meat

Cats will often turn from store bought toys to play with something cheap anyhow. Experiment
with these and other ideas to see what your kitty most enjoys.
Splurge on something fancy once in a while, but remember you can entertain a healthy cat for
pennies. All it takes is a little time and some imagination!