Need a Summer Project? Are you staying local this summer?

We are in the middle of kitten season and it takes many hands to save these precious lives. There are many ways to help homeless kittens.

Arya and Sansa love feather toys! Both are up for adoption now.
Arya and Sansa, adopted.

Can you offer to babysit a litter of kittens while their foster is out of town for a week?


Are you patient and kind and willing to love on some reluctant kittens who are still unsure about people? We have healthy, beautiful kittens in need of more TLC and socialization. The kittens need time and love to learn to trust people. We use toys and food to win them over. There is nothing like it—witnessing their curiosity and courage. The feeling of satisfaction is absolutely rewarding when you earn affection from a formerly scared cat; there is nothing quite as good as love freely given — a head butt, an invitation to a belly rub.

Do you have a room and time you can dedicate to a special needs’ kitten who requires a special diet and medications four times a day?

It is very satisfying to provide care for a special needs who just requires a quiet space and meds.  This can be a very short-term commitment of a weekend, a day or even a couple of hours.  We sometimes need drivers to drive our kitties to the vet as well.

Jon Snow - up for adoption now.
Jon Snow, at six weeks, adopted.

And don’t forget the bottle babies!


Sometimes newborn kittens wind up separated from their mama. These baby cats need to be protected and nurtured by fill-in human mamas and papas. Raising bottle baby kittens is a specialty; it is rewarding, demanding, lifesaving work. We will show you how.

Spend some time with our kittens this summer and help homeless kittens thrive.  They will bring you joy and many laughs!

Please contact us for more information Kathy Hagan, khagan@towncats.org or Laurie laurie.melo@towncats.org. Thank you.