Camaera Sexton

Cam Sexton joined the Town Cats team in 2021 and came with 10 years of experience in the animal welfare field. Cam is no stranger to the non-profit sector and has found solace in being surrounded by people all with the same cause in mind. Currently, she splits her time between Town Cats and Humane Society Silicon Valley advocating the benefits of spay/neuter, the trap, neuter, and return of community cats, and providing veterinary resources to the unhoused community. She is the ultimate mom of two’s: two human children, two fluffy indoor cats (Pan)Tera & King Kitty, two bully dogs Bane & Bronson (a.k.a “The Brindle Boys”), and finally her feral cat colony. In her free time, she enjoys crafting, organizing, anything Disney/Disneyland related, playing in her band, watching Tom Hardy movies, and swimming in any body of water available.