Fantastic Adoption Results

Events and day to day!
So far 2015 has been a fantastic year for adoptions at Town Cats, we have participated in two large scale adoption events and have had wonderful adoption results in each of our adoption centers.
On  May 30th and 31st, we participated in Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days which were an absolute whirlwind of activity. In the end, the team at Town Cats found 129 good cats good homes — including some sweet, older cats such as Sophie, Tigger, and Velvet, and many darling, little kittens — and we made many, many people happy.
As a results of our efforts Town Cats has received a grant of $67,200 which will help us tremendously with our expenses.We are so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this lifesaving program again this year. The people at Maddie’s Fund have shown us unwavering support. What they are doing on behalf of all companion animals in our country is truly phenomenal.
In the middle of August we participated in the first NBC 11 Bay Area Telemundo Event “Clear the Shelters”.  For this one day event our team rallied together again and found homes for 36 felines!
Each of our friends and supporters play a vital part in the success of Town Cats. Day in and day out, it is a labor of love. Thank you all, each and every one of you, for what you do for the cats in our community and for Town Cats in particular.