Finding a Cat Sitter

Cat sitters ensure your cat receives proper nutrition, grooming, playtime, and medical care while you are away. Thus, it is important to do proper research with interviews and reference checks before committing to any candidate you find willing to care for your feline friend.

Boarding Facilities vs Cat-Sitting

Cat-Boarding facilities can be strange places for cats. New environments, smells, and sound can cause our furry friends to become stressed and uneasy. Caring for our cats with as little conflict and stress should be key. Vet Hospital Cat Boarding would be the best choice when it comes to the quality in certification of the staff. However, Vet Hospitals aren’t built to be  mini-sanctuaries for felines and in most scenarios are cramped with relatively smaller enclosures. Having a cat sitter allows your cat to remain happy in your own home while you are away. It also allows for a more direct line of communication with your cat sitter on the well being of your cat. Going through the proper steps to acquiring a good cat sitter can save both you and your cat stress and money in the long run.

Start Your Search for Cat Sitters

Your personal vet is a good start when looking for local cat sitters. Also, ask around the clinic; more often than not you’ll find someone who knows locally situated cat sitters that only operate through word of mouth. Paid services such as Rover.com and PetBacker.com allow pet sitters to display their references, past experience, and customer ratings which allow people to filter through and pick their preferred pet sitter. Community groups such as the Nextdoor app and Facebook Groups act as a trove of resources for local communities. Making a post in these groups asking if anyone knows of any reputable cat sitters can go a long way.

Choosing a Cat Sitter

Interviewing your candidate will illustrate their ability to care for your cat instructively, totally focus on the tasks at hand without distractions, and react without hesitation in emergency situations. Reference checking is more than a tool to verify a candidate’s past experience, It can also allow you to have one-on-one’s with past employers of your candidate, shedding light into more of their characteristics which will ultimately let you decide if they’re the right fit for you.

These simple resources can lead you to your search for the purrfect cat sitter for your feline friend!


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