Five Easy Ways To Bring The Great Outdoors To Your Indoor Cat

Five Easy Ways To Bring The Great Outdoors To Your Indoor Cat

by Tara Mcnabb

Are the winter blues taking a toll on your indoor cat? For the owners of strictly indoor cats, coming up
with new enrichment activities can be a challenge. Without fresh stimulation to keep things interesting, an
indoor cat can quickly become bored and depressed. But with a little creativity and effort, you can create
fun and challenging exercises that encourage your cat’s natural curiosity. Here are five different ways you
can bring the outdoors in.


1. Grow Your Own Indoor Grass Bed

This is one of the best ways to give your cat fresh grass
to wallow in on a regular basis with a little bit of
planning. All it takes is some potting soil, a planting container that’s preferably large and flat enough for
your cat to lay in, and some grass seeds. Some of the most popular types of grass to use include Rye and
Oat grass because they’re super easy to grow indoors and cats love them. Just be sure that whatever soil
you use is organic and free of chemicals to protect the health of your kitties. In just a little over a week, you can have your very own cat lawn! For an excellent step-by-step example with pictures, take a look at this post by WeirdStuffWeMake.com:



2. Install A Window Bird Feeder

Your cat can enjoy watching birds up close for hours thanks to the
new and improved window bird feeders. With powerful suction cups
that ensure they’ll stay in place, it’s easy to attach them to the
outside of your living room window. Just fill it with bird seed and let
the show begin! Your feline friend will be captivated in no time. When choosing a window, be sure to choose one that your cat can easily access, such as near a ledge or near a cat tree so they can sit as close to the glass as possible. This ensures they get a front-row seat and don’t miss any of the action. Window bird feeders come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.



3. Increase The Amount Of Vertical Space

If you don’t already have a cat tree, hurry up and get one, stat! The majority of cat parents agree that a
good cat tree can make all the difference in a cat’s behavior. Cats are born to climb, so it can be bad news for everyone when a cat deprived of vertical space starts taking out their energy on the furniture. And the taller the better; cats love to look down on their domain. Giving your indoor cat plenty of vertical climbing options is a great way for them to burn off steam and get some exercise as well. You can even get crafty by installing shelves on a wall for your cat to climb, with different levels and enough space between each one so they can jump from one to the next.



4. Try Cat TV With Birds And Squirrels

TV for cats? You bet! These days, even our beloved felines can kick back in front of the television. Cats need to be stimulated both visually and audibly, so this is a great way to give them both within the safety of your own home. Thankfully, there are hundreds of free cat videos on Youtube for you to choose from, with many of them featuring birds, squirrels, and even ducks. Many cats love to listen to the chirping bird sounds while lounging by the window, which is why Cat TV is especially helpful in winter when we are reluctant to open our windows. While some cats don’t find it interesting, others are captivated for hours, so it’s worth a try to see what your cat responds to.



5. Gather Leaves And Branches From Outside

The next time you’re out in the yard or taking a walk, remember to pick up an assortment of leaves, twigs, and branches to bring home for your cat. Just remember to make sure they’re not poisonous to your cat! Once you’ve brought them home, the new smells and textures will be too tempting to ignore. And by putting them in a large pile in the middle of the living room, they will have a blast investigating what could be underneath. A treat, perhaps?


Indoor cats shouldn’t be excluded from enjoying all that nature has to offer. With some brainstorming on
your part, it’s easier than ever to keep them happy and engaged with their surroundings. These five simple
ideas are a great starting point, but don’t stop there — Pinterest is an abundant resource of do-it-yourself
enrichment ideas. And remember: an active cat is a happy cat!




Tara Mcnabb is a student and freelance writer living in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.
When she’s not reading, writing, or checking out the newest coffee shop, she can often
be found lounging with her rescue cat, Lucy.

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