Get Tatie a Kitten for her 10th Birthday!

Kids are the best at making birthday wishes.  Parents receive requests for a new toy, a bike, video games, etc. What about a pet? What does a parent do when their child wants a pet so passionately that she leaves countless Post-it Notes as reminders that her birthday is approaching, including specific details of her birthday wish?

And Tatum (who goes by Tatie) did just that!  After finding what seemed like a zillion sticky notes everywhere with specific details of her request, her parents, Aaron and Carrie started their search for a kitten to surprise their daughter.  She had been begging for a kitten for months and the sticky notes were her game plan–and it worked!

Tatum's Post-itsOn September 18, they came to Town Cats’ adoption center at Petco on Blossom Hill where they met our sweet little boy Liam.  They went over the checklist and he was tiny, he was orange, and he was stripped. He was a perfect match!


Tatum’s birthday was on September 21 and boy was she surprised at her early birthday gift! Who she named Charlie. Happy Birthday Tatum! From all of us at Town Cats, may you and Charlie have a wonderful life!

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