As A Community, We Thrive

As A Community, We Thrive

Written by Jose Parra

As 2020 draws to a unique conclusion, with all of its afflictions currently abetting all of our hampered plans for the short term, It’s that time of the season again. Late November is the prime time for reflecting and forming aspirations for future progress in our pursuits, so let’s do just that! 

After almost a full year of uncertainty, Town Cats has held itself together stronger than ever before. As a staff member of over a year with plenty of volunteer time before that, I’ve witnessed how we, as a staff, can coalesce during trying times and charge forwards towards the obscurity of 2020. However, nothing on earth can ever halt the annual procession of events that keep a shelter as ours occupied immensely for months on end. Now, add the difficulties of 2020 into the mix, and you have a situation that could detrimentally skew the progress of a small non-profit rescue like ours in the wrong direction. Fortunately, as the weeks trickled by, we learned to live with our fears of the unknown and kept trotting forward. It was a challenge to restructure our flow as a staff overnight, but it was a necessary adjustment, which has kept us agile.

However, it takes a tight-knit community to coalesce during trying times, and our community did. Our Board of Directors, volunteers, fosters, and supporters all did their part to keep us as active as ever. Many senior kitty cats were adopted, kitten season progressed to a successful end, and plenty of successful virtual community events kept us all connected.

Together, Rosi and Albert Mirko made Town Cats a successful nonprofit organization that serves an important function in our community. For over 20 years, Town Cats has positioned itself as a pinnacle of the Santa Clara animal community and a mouthpiece for Trap/Neuter/Release through the power of passion, love, perseverance, and community.