Happy Endings: Jackson and Alex find a new home

Luis and Evelyn and their 2 children ages 11 and 13 had come to Petco Blossom Hill several weeks ago when they started their search for 2 cats. They went to all the shelters looking for just the right pair, but were not having any luck. After ending up back at our Petco Adoption Center they knew instantly that Jackson and Alex were a perfect fit for them. These two boys are very high energy cats, but are also incredible love bugs.

Betty Wenker, our volunteer store lead, had cared for these two boys for several months. Unfortunately they had come down with a case of ringworm and had to be isolated from other cats and regularly dipped to treat the ringworm. Throughout all of this, Betty and Jackson and Alex persevered, with help from Sarah, another one of our fantastic volunteers. Sarah and Betty routinely did the dipping, cleaning, and medicating, while also providing love and affection for the two boys. Happily, a few months later, these two sweethearts have now found their forever home.

The family was so excited you could feel the energy as they carried Jackson and Alex out in their very own brand new carriers to go to their new home!

Thanks to Betty and Sarah, along with our staff, for all of the hard work you put in to get these two love bugs adopted.