Happy Endings: Violet and Skippi Together at Last

Violet was trapped in the San Jose area and brought into a local shelter a while back. The shelter asked for help from a rescue organization to help care for her, as she had a severe case of URI (upper respiratory infection), and a punture wound on her hind leg. We were able to step in and help Violet, thanks to one of our wonderful volunteer fosters.

While Violet was being fostered, a former adopter shared the story with her sister Skippi. Skippi was thinking about adopting and wanted a long haired young cat, and when she heard about Violet she knew this was the perfect cat for her. Skippi was willing to wait for weeks on end so this beautiful girl could have the time she needed to get better.

Finally all of Violet and Skippi’s waiting was rewarded and last weekend was the perfect time to transition Violet into her new forever home. Thank you Skippi for opening up your heart and home to sweet Violet.