Happy Tails! Holly’s Furrever Home

Town Cats adopters Kyle Carbone & Lynze Silfies shared with us how Holly has settled into their home since being adopted to them 2 months ago:

“Since the day she got here, she has brought so much joy to our everyday lives. She really enjoys working from home with Dad during the shelter in place and is always happy to greet us with the cutest little squeaks upon return from wherever we may have gone – even if it was just a 1 hour trip to the grocery store. When Mom & Dad cook dinner, she’s usually right there behind us making sure we cook our meals to perfection accompanied by more squeaks. And anytime the TV is on and Mom & Dad are watching, she can be found within an arm’s reach away. She really is the purrfect Netflix cat! She does a lot of chillin’, but with her diet and daily playtime she has definitely slimmed down from the day we first saw her. Every day she seems to grow more and more comfortable, whether it be laying directly on our chest or jumping from her cat tree to her parent’s bed. She never ceases to entertain us. We couldn’t be more happy and thankful to have found her thanks to you!
We would especially like to thank Rylee and Nineveh for coordinating a virtual-visit with us that ultimately lead to us driving to Mountain View to get Holly. They made the whole thing super easy and made us feel very comfortable!”
We are so delighted that Holly is happy and thriving in her furrever home! We love getting these wonderful updates from our Town Cats adopters, it makes what we do all the more special.