Home For The Holidays: Ginger Finds A Home

Home For The Holidays: Ginger Finds A Home

Written by Nin Parker & Jose Parra

In most animal shelter settings, there is that subset of the population that requires a tad bit more time to build a trusting bond. At Town Cats, aside from some of our newly arrived shy residents, we have our Legacy Cats who, aside from ever so friendly senior Christy, are some of our most difficult to place due to their undersocialized personalities.

One of these Legacy Cats is Ginger who had been with us since before Rosi, our founder, passed away. Fortunately, there are saviors that alleviate the undersocialized population by being able to form a bond, where others deemed unfeasible. Sometimes a person has such an innocent personality that a cat can sense humility and give trust for the first time.

Ginger had been with us at Town cats for many years and had rarely warmed up to humans. Until Alan, her recent adopter came along. He persistently came in to spend time with her, and earned her trust! ….And he was right to do so. After many visits, she allowed Alan to pet her! She would give nose bumps to hands, and simple gestures such as those, but we had all given hope on any sort of human connection beyond that.

After a day of pettings and bond-building, Alan was able to take her home with a very swift and stress-free outtake! While she made it to Alan’s home and is currently acclimating, this is far from her journey towards coming out of her shell! The process must be slow and considerate of the cat and their own steady progress. Regardless, we all believe this is the purr-fect foster to adopt resolution we could have ever hoped for one or our own Legacy Cats!