Lady Bunny’s New Home

When Lady Bunny first arrived at Town Cats at the end of last year, she hid under her blanket in fear and would not let anyone near her. It took weeks for her to even come out from underneath her blanket let alone be touched. We knew she was going to need some time, love, and attention to help her come out of her shell. We started with small gestures, pets, treats, and gentle speaking to get her comfortable with being in her new environment at the shelter.

In January, she was adopted by a family who was aware of her shyness and was willing to work with her at her home to socialize her, however, she unfortunately was returned for lack of progress. After 2 months of regimented Cat Pawsitive clicker training with our staff and volunteers, she was giving high-fives and slowly allowing us to pet her.
In March, she was adopted and went home to a loving family who was ready to be patient and give her time to acclimate in a new home. They continued the Clicker Training at home to help build her trust with them. After only a few weeks in her furrever home, she came out of her shell and made her self right at home. She’s even made a fellow four-legged friend! We are so happy she’s found her family at last.