Legacy Cat #4

LEGACY CAT #4! Meet Mark!

Here is a little haiku about Mark!

The confident one

Will be a loyal lion

Purring days away

As a special bonus, Mark is a wearer of many costumes and hats! Adopt our lion friend and take home his entire wardrobe of hats and costumes! Check out his artwork that will accompany him into his forever home! Joe Buchwald is the incredible artist, you can find him on Instagram at @original_Joez.

Come and meet this awesome cat today! By the way, Mark is 15 years 11 months, birthday coming soon!

Starting Monday, you may have read about our Legacy Cats. They are all from the days of our founder, Rosi, and they need special heroes like yourself to open up your heart and home for them.

Remember adoption fees are waived, and they all qualify for our “In it for Life” program where all basic medical costs are covered by Town Cats for the duration of their lives.

Akira was first, and went home!!! Is Mark next???