Lillie Bug’s Fairy Tale

One of the absolute favorite cats in 2014 at Town Cats Pet Food Express Adoption Center was 2 year old Lillie. Nicknamed  “Lillie Bug”.
Sarah our dedicated adoption counselor said that when Lillie first came she was extremely frighten and wouldn’t let any one touch her.  It took a good 4-5 months before volunteers could pet her with a feather toy and then with their hands.
Eventually she would jump out of her cage and would let people touch her as they walked by. She grew friendlier every month.
A few days after Christmas Sally came in wanting a calm cat for her quiet home. She saw Lillie in her cage and felt so bad for her she had to take her home. Now Lillie enjoys laying with Sally while she reads a book. Of course her feathers are not far and she lays on them so no one will take them from her.