Love Pays It Forward


Anindita adopted Ian from Town Cats ten years ago when he was six years old and renamed him Daku. He provided the family with many wonderful memories but sadly he passed away in July. His family loved him so dearly that they wanted to find a way to honor the joy that their beautiful boy Daku brought them.

So, Anindita contacted us to let us know they wanted to pay for the adoption of the next senior kitty in memory of Daku.  It was their way of paying forward the love that Daku shared with them the past ten years.
He was a handsome man-cat and Town Cats would like to thank his family for opening up the opportunity for another kitty to find forever love. Rest in peace Daku.
Because of their kindness and generosity, one of our long-time senior kitties was able to go home her new family with her adoption fees already paid for.
plhlclbjfabancebThat senior kitty is Princess, who is a special needs main coon kitty born with an injury to her spine.  She moves a little slow but she is a wonderful affectionate lap cat who loves being the center of attention. She is very affectionate and has quickly embraced her new family, Alice and her dog Raiden.  She quickly made herself at home and let Raiden know who is the boss! But that is ok, her new pet mom does not mind it and Raiden seems to be fine with that too.
“I am falling in love with her, and I think the feelings are mutual.  She seems to know that  she’s home and she’s very confident in it. She had a couple visitors yesterday, and she didn’t try to shy away from them at all which was a happy surprise for all of us. She has made it super easy for me to decide that I want her to be a permanent member of my family,” says Alice.
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Thank you, Alice and Raiden for opening up your heart and home to Princess! And a HUGE thank you to Anindita and her family, for loving Daku and honoring his memory with this adoption.

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