May 2020-Letter from our Executive Director

To Our Supporters,

We are incredibly thankful for the support and care you have given to us over the last few months. With the hard work of our incredible staff along with the support of our board, donors, and volunteers, we have been able to gracefully pivot to our new normal.

Town Cats continues to be committed to our mission of rescuing, protecting and advocating for cats, because we believe all cats deserve our love.  

Over the last two months we have stepped up to the challenge of Shelter in Place by staying connected in this unprecedented time. We have implemented strict protocols to ensure the safety of our cats, staff and the public.

These protocols include:

  • We use hospital grade cleaner throughout our shelter. We clean not only our high touch point areas, but the entire shelter multiple times daily. 
  • We require all staff, volunteers and visitors to wear masks when they come inside the shelter. 
  • We no longer allow drop-in visitors to the shelter; all visitors are by appointment only.
  • We are one of the first shelters in the country to implement adoptions and shelter tours by video. 
  • Three times a week we do Facebook Live streams called, “Playing with Cats”. Our goal is for people to experience Town Cats in real time and spark interest in our current adoptable cats at the shelter.

The Shelter in Place restrictions haven’t stopped us from finding homes for our cats and kittens. In fact, we have increased our adoptions and foster intake during the last two months, bringing lots of loves to homes and care to cats. We are excited about continuing the great work!  

Thank you again for your commitment to Town Cats. We hope to see you on all our social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and be sure to check out our website for up to date news and events.

With Gratitude, 

Noelani Pearl Hunt

Executive Director, Town Cats