Muffin – We kept fighting for her!

Muffin – We kept fighting for her!

Remember Muffin? She is the darling, tiny, tabby kitten who was found under a car only days old; she

was cold to the touch, still had her umbilical cord, and only weighs two ounces. A gifted Town Cats’

foster mom steps in and we have our first miracle. Muffin thrives. Fast forward three months and little

Muffin goes in for her routine spay surgery and disaster strikes. Muffin has a rare, severe allergic

reaction to the anesthesia and she is dying. She cannot breathe on her own; she is crashing. We are told

the devastating news: “It’s not good. We are losing her.”

Some kitties need to be rescued more than once. Through our tears, we asked, “Please keep trying. She

is just a baby.” To keep her alive, our highly skilled veterinarian keeps her under anesthesia with a

breathing tube and calls a colleague, locates a medical van and medical staff, and within hours Muffin is

carefully transported to a 24-hour emergency specialty veterinarian. Who knew there even was such a

thing as a kitty ambulance! Muffin was rushed to the emergency vet still under anesthesia where they

continued treatment. We held our breath. We said our prayers.

Seven days ago this wee one was on a ventilator and fighting to survive. Look at her now in this video, playing like nothing ever happened!  Thanks to you, our generous supporters, Muffin is alive today. She is an active, healthy little kitten who has been adopted with another kitten by a lovely family.