Noelani Pearl Hunt

Noelani brings over 20 years of experience in leadership roles with nonprofit and public sector organizations. She is an avid cat lover, and is excited to be able to combine her nonprofit management and fundraising expertise with her personal love of cats, to make a difference at Town Cats. Noelani’s broad experience includes working on political campaigns and ongoing legislative management with the California State Legislature, serving on the Board of Education for the Santa Clara Unified School District, and working with several nonprofit organizations including San Jose Jazz, Cinequest, Living Classroom, and most recently, Hand in Hand Parenting. Noelani strives for excellence in everything she does, fueled by a belief in the fundamental right of equality for all, whether human or four-pawed. Noelani earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University. She and her significant other Albert live with their 4 children from their blended families, in San Jose.