One Blind Cat’s Journey to His Furrever Home

Max is a beautiful young cat that was rescued by Town Cats in the fall of 2017. He was surrendered to a municipal shelter for euthanasia because of severe glaucoma. He was only 7 months old, but his condition was so extreme that it was diagnosed as incurable. We took him in, had his condition assessed and determined that removing both eyes was his best option for complete recovery and quality of life. He spent some time in the shelter getting accustomed to his new way of life, and we helped him adjust with lots of socialization and love. He quickly blossomed and was eventually adopted by a wonderful family that was prepared to help him in any way they could, so we knew he was in the right hands!

We recently received a wonderful update from Max’s family and we wanted to share their love for him with our amazing supporters. Adopter Lucy Durand wrote:

“I stumbled across a photo of Max when I was on the Town Cats Facebook page in 2017. Max just seemed too young to have experienced so much trauma and I felt like I could offer him a safe space. When we picked him up, we were surprised by how QUIET he was! He didn’t meow on the way home, instead choosing to sniff and listen to everything in his environment. This didn’t last for long, of course. Max is still shy, but he is our alarm clock every morning, and is particularly loud when he wants to be pet and played with. He surprises us in other ways, too – his love for windows, his ability to catch bugs mid-air, and his knack for climbing. He is gentle with our other cat despite being a solid mass of muscle (seriously, who built this cat?). More importantly, he has inspired us to change how people look at disabled cats. He has been the subject of my graduate school presentations and our favorite conversation topic with new friends. He helped us adapt to Oregon, our new home, and inspires us to be brave when we face our own hurdles.”

We’ve learned that Max now has a little sister who is also blind, and they are loving life in their new home in Oregon. Adoption successes like Max’s are why we continue our mission to save more cats in the community. Every cat deserves love, and we are so grateful Max can live a happy, healthy life in his furrever home.