Our Hoarding Cats Find Homes for the Holidays!

Hoarding is one of the worst forms of animal cruelty, affecting thousands of cats across the United States.  Town Cats has a long history of assisting with hoarding cases and we recently stepped in to help with a local situation.  A man in San Jose was keeping 40 cats in a deteriorated home until authorities were contacted and intervened. The house was in disastrous condition and authorities had to wear hazmat suits with breathing apparatus in order to enter and evaluate the scene.  All of the cats found were in poor condition and most were extremely feral. Once animal control safely removed the cats, Town Cats immediately offered to help in any way possible. We eventually took in four of the cats needing medical care.

These four cats were transported to the Town Cats shelter where the assessment and triage process began.  The staff named them Sheena, Todd, Thumbelina and Rosie and began a thorough examination of each cat. All of the cats were suffering from malnutrition, severe upper respiratory infections, fleas and gingivitis.  In addition, due to years of malnutrition, their growth was permanently stunted. So although they were quite small in size, it was discovered that they were actually adult cats. Sheena was in the worst condition and staff feared she might not survive.  Her breathing was labored due to years of poor air quality and untreated respiratory infection and she refused to eat. Our dedicated staff worked tirelessly to save Sheena, administering nebulizer treatments to help her breathe and syringe feeding her to ensure that her little body received the nutritional support she so desperately needed.   

Even though they were appallingly ill, these cats were fighters!  Despite the inhumane care they suffered throughout their lives, all four quickly warmed to our staff team who have been nursing them back to health.  A careful nutritional plan was developed to help them gain necessary weight, fluids were given to combat dehydration, and antibiotic treatment was administered to address their many infections.  They began showing their gratitude for the delicious meals, warm shelter, and medical treatment provided them with purrs and head butts. Slowly but surely, health has been restored to these once pitiful cats.  They are learning how to play with toys and have become EXTREMELY affectionate with people. The sparkle has returned to their eyes and they are learning that life with humans can be safe and happy. Sheena can now breathe easily and loves making biscuits when snuggling with people.  

We are pleased to announce that all 4 cats have found loving homes just in time for the holidays!  Rosie and Todd were adopted together, while Sheena and Thumbelina went separately into great homes as well. Town Cats is able to help cats like Sheena, Todd, Thumbelina and Rosie due to the support of generous donors and supporters who believe in our work with cats in our community.