Putting “Club Feral” Back Together

On January 8 we had major flooding at our outdoor location in Morgan Hill, where we have offices and also have an outdoor area for feral cats. We had to evacuate the cats, and they have been living in an indoor enclosure at our other location in Morgan Hill for the past couple of weeks. The outdoor location (affectionately known as “Club Feral”) had additional flooding in the second wave of storms Jan 18-22, and we are just now finally getting everything dried out and cleaned up.

We are asking for your help to get the place set up to return the cats – we have everything largely cleaned up but we need replacement bedding for the beds and feral dens for the cats. If you have used blankets or towels or cat beds that you can donate, we would appreciate it. Please contact us at donations@towncats.org and we can let you know where you can drop off the donations (we have a location in San Jose and a location in Morgan Hill where you can drop items off). We are planning to move the cats back over the first week of February, so we would appreciate any donations of bedding in the next week.

We could also use a couple of tall cat trees/towers.  Finally, if you prefer, we would gladly accept monetary donations to help defray the cost of cleanup. Unfortunately we have had to spend several thousand dollars on the cleanup and dryout process.

Thank you for any support you can give!