Satori Cellars Winery “Town Cats Day” was a hit for the cats!

On any given weekend, people flock to Satori Cellars Winery in Gilroy to enjoy tasting first class wines. Wine aficionados and amateurs alike sip award winning cabernets, zinfandels, and exciting blends amid a backdrop of sprawling vineyards and rainbow colored Adirondack chairs. One immediately feels right at home at this laid back, friendly, family owned winery. The owners of Satori, Sandy and Tom Moller, mingle with guests while volunteers pour and discuss the wines on the tasting menu. A pack of rescue dogs who call Satori home, flow through the crowd receiving pats and scratches. It’s an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

Two other furry members of the Satori operation keep a low profile, preferring to wait until the guests have departed for the day before making their appearance. They are Angel and Spitfire, the resident working cats who were adopted from Town Cats last November. Angel is a shy long haired grey fellow while Spitfire is a dainty short haired black and white little lady. These cats were adopted by the Mollers to assist with rodent control in the Satori vineyards. Sandy and Tom are committed to sustainable, eco-friendly practices in their business and were excited about the prospect of using working cats to cut down on the ground squirrel population in the vineyard.

Town Cats’ Working Cat program allows cats who are unsuited for life in a home, the ability to do what they love. Cats in the program are feral or prefer life in the great outdoors to one sheltered inside. Town Cats places these cats in carefully screened ranches, gardens, and wineries where they can live out their lives while assisting their adopters with rodent control.   These cats can develop close bonds with their new caretakers and caretakers commit to providing ongoing food and shelter for their cats. It’s a special and important program that allows Town Cats to help cats who otherwise would not be adoptable.

In honor of Angel and Spitfire, Satori Cellars Winery hosted a special Town Cats Day on Saturday June 27th from 12p – 5p and they invited the Town Cats team with some furry friends.  Satori donated a portions of the weekend’s profits to Town Cats and one lucky cat found a home with one of the families who visited the vent.  Please stop by the winery to savor fabulous local wines and thank them for supporting Town Cats!

If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested in a “working cat” adoption or to host an event to help support this wonderful program please contact:

Gingy Cody

Community Cat Coordinator