Sheet Day – Time To Play!

Sheet Day – Time To Play!

By C. M. Saracco

Sometimes, I wonder why it takes me so long to make the bed on Saturdays.  But one look at Little Lizzie, our 3-year-old rescue cat, and I have my answer.

You see, Saturday is “sheet day” in our house — the day I change the bedsheets.  It’s also the day Lizzie likes to exercise her predatory instincts.

As soon as I strip the bed, she jumps on it, wide-eyed and enthusiastic.  She braces herself for the unfurling of the fitted sheet, attacking each corner as I attempt to tuck it around the mattress. This can take several minutes, as adjusting the sheet with a 12-pound cat running across it is no quick task.

Next, I slip the pillows into their cases. Or I try to. Lizzie likes to pounce on them and flip on her side, kicking the empty cases with her hindquarters.

Once the pillows are adequately dressed, Lizzie’s favorite time arrives at the unveiling of the flat sheet. She crouches in the middle of the bed, waiting for me to fluff the sheet in the air and let it float down over her. When it covers her, she freezes.  She knows the game is about to begin.

I skim a finger along her side or rustle my hand behind her back, and the hunt is on.  She darts in the direction of the invader, attacking at will.  Paws swipe at the sheet, claws fully extended.  Contact with a finger or hand provokes a nip or series of kicks.  Sometimes, she rolls on her back, throwing all four paws in the air beneath the sheet as she seeks her elusive prey.

The adventure continues until she’s tired or bored.  Quite often, the sheets are worse for wear — I’ve yet to find cotton sheets designed to withstand such attacks.  Of course, Lizzie’s oblivious to any fresh puncture marks she’s left behind.  She pops out the side of the bed and runs into another room when she’s had enough.

Now I’m left with the mundane task of adequately making the bed and, occasionally, making a note to shop for new sheets.  But I’m also left with a smile on my face.

Sheet day is play day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Edited By Rena Henderson