SNAZZY, is a 3-month old male with special needs.  Hand has made tremendous progress! He is a lovely and adorable little boy who needs to be adopted with his sister Mazzy.

Snazzy, along with his two sisters, Mazzy and Jazzy, were days away from being euthanized before being pulled from a local shelter where they were surrendered, by Town Cats when they were 2 weeks old, still too young to eat on their own. Placed in special Foster Care where they were monitored and bottle fed around the clock every two to four hours for the next four to six weeks, and given lots of human contact and attention.


It was quickly discovered that Snazzy was born with a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia (http://chcat.org/about-ch-cats/), which only causes him to have unsteady head motion at times. His issue will never get worse nor will it affect the length of his life. He was extremely wobbly at first and would sometimes walk around in circles, but over time he has gotten so much better and has surprised all of us with his amazing progress! He can now walk in a straight line, eat food from a dish without making a mess, use his litterbox with no problem, and loves, loves, loves to play and snuggle! He lets nothing stop him from enjoying life, and can do anything his sibling can do. He is a sweet boy with a non-stop purr, and usually initiates a little tussle with his sister, Mazzy. While he is a special needs kitten who will likely be a little bit “different” for the rest of his life, he should not be any more trouble than a normal cat and should live a long and happy life.
Snazzy and sister, Mazzy now has full freedom in the Foster Home and gets along well with the two resident medium size dogs and the other resident adult cats in the house. At the end of the day when playtime is over and his stomach is full, you can usually find him with his sister, Mazzy and her favorite resident cat and surrogate, Calie.

Mazzy is a 3-month female tabby with a gorgeous silky coat

Since their sister Jazzy has been adopted (YEAH!), it is very important that Snazzy and his sister, Mazzy be adopted together. 

Snazzy and his sister, Mazzy, will be at our Adoption Fair at Pet Food Express on Stevens Creek every Saturday from 1-5 pm.  If anyone is interested is in coming to meet Snazzy and his sister, Mazzy, at their Sunnyvale foster home during the week, please contact Billie at bzami@sbcglobal.net or 408-203-2366. 

We encourage people to Adopt Kittens In Pairs, so please consider, you won’t regret it!!