Sweets For Your Sweet

By Becky Reape

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so why not brush up on some ways to show your feline friend that you love them? Here are some ideas to bond with your kitty.

  • Treats. Who doesn’t love an indulgent little treat for Valentine’s Day (or any other time if we are being honest)? Did you know that you can make little treats for your cat at home? Mix a light sprinkle of catnip with a little pinch of canned tuna (you can even form it into a heart shape if you like) and bake it in the oven until it’s warm. But don’t forget that this is a special treat, so only give kitty a small amount. Too much fat or sugar in your kitty’s diet can lead to stomach upset including vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Staying in with your sweetheart can lead to some of the most fun date nights—especially if you have a game night, which is a great way to bond. Do the same with your furball. Dedicate some time to play with their favorite toys. Cats are bright and inquisitive animals and enjoy being challenged and entertained, so your kitty will especially love this kind of one-on-one time with you.
  • Take a nap with your kitty. We all know that cats are master snoozers, but they often also enjoy cuddling up with their favorite person while they sleep to feel safe and warm. If you are like me and not good at napping, you can still bond with your kitty. They will be more than happy to snuggle up next to you while you watch your favorite TV show—or (bonus) watch cat videos on your tablet or phone.
  • Speaking of shows, feel free to put one on for your kitty. My cats particularly enjoy the Planet Earth series as well as videos specially made for cats (which you can easily find on YouTube). If you have a smart TV with web access, take advantage of it and put one of these on and watch your kitty delight in watching squirrels, birds, and other small critters frolic on the screen.

So there you go. Ideas for the perfect date night with your beloved cat(s). Enjoy!