Tribute to Daisy

Unfortunately we lost one of our longer term cat residents last week. Daisy lost her ongoing battle with kidney issues, and we had to say good bye to her. Rather than mourn her passing, we wanted to celebrate her life and share her story.

Daisy came to us when Town Cats took on a local hoarding case a few years back. When she arrived she was very timid and not in the best health. After a whole lot of TLC and socializing she came out of her shell and began to blossom. She loved cuddling with her gal pal and partner in crime Miss Eartha Kitt. She was an unbelievably sweet girl who loved to show her affection by purring – she didn’t even need to be petted to purr, sometimes just a look in her direction would elicit a purr-fect response. Daisy loved to play with string, bat toys around the room and didn’t let her age stop her. Temptations were her favorite treat, and she always begged the staff for them.


Daisy had been suffering with ongoing kidney issues for the past few years and being the tough girl she is was able to bounce back many times even when we were unsure if she’d pull through. Daisy never ceased to amaze us with her vibrancy and ability to overcome obstacles. Sadly, her kidney issues flared up again two weeks ago and after two days at the emergency vet she crashed very quickly. She was loved by everyone who was lucky enough to meet her, and will always be remembered. We love you so much Daisy Mae Kimchi, and we will see you on the other side of rainbow bridge princess.