Volunteers Move Us Forward

Volunteers Move Us Forward

Written by Jose Parra

At Town Cats, we operate cohesively as a team to effectively handle the day to day and prepare for the long term. Our tight-knit staff and board of directors work our magic to keep Town Cats ahead of the game and keep us agile at what we do best. Giving Tuesday allows us to fundraise for the future but prepare for tomorrow. However, It always benefits the cats of a shelter for a little extra attention and care, for a fully enriched life to express themselves as they would naturally. Volunteers do this beautifully in their separate ways, and we are incredibly thankful for their time! But in which methods do our exceptional volunteers assist us, you may ask?

On-site at Town Cats, there are many duties to be taken up by beautiful volunteers! Clean Care volunteers help us directly by assisting or even taking care of most of the cleaning for the day, giving us staff more time to focus on the more crucial tasks. Clean care volunteers have been there since the very beginning of Town Cats, and for that, we are grateful! Secondly, socializers play an essential role in giving excessive attention to our kitty cats, especially those in enclosures. Cats deserve to express their innermost playful selves, and our socializers ensure that our cats are spent and happy! More recently, we’ve introduced clicker training volunteers to focus specifically on our harder to place population. These volunteers use the methods taught by the Jackson Galaxy program. Ever since we have implemented the training to our fellow cats, we’ve placed many more regressed cats!

Not all of the magic happens on-site! The beauty of Town Cats is our network of volunteers with unique abilities that place Town Cats in a position to do as much as we do! Our Foster network of volunteers has never been more robust. With each kitten season that passes, we find that our Fosters are not only able but reliable to care for the kittens we pull and turn them into adoptable and well-loved kitty cats! However, not all of our volunteers are stationary! Our life-saving transport volunteers usually respond to our callouts immediately, knowing that we rely on them when kitty cats need to make their vet appointments and such. These volunteers have been a massive part of our first responders in emergencies, and we couldn’t have done it without them! When it comes to showing off our kitty cats online, we utilize our social media volunteers ranging from graphic designers, editors, and writers of all calibers! They help us portray Town Cats in the best light possible with our kitty cats’ cute faces online!

With everyone that decides to volunteer their time with Town Cats, from medical assistants to a surprise visit to socialize with the kitty cats, we all appreciate you! Volunteers help us keep the ship moving forward smoothly, and allow us to focus on our mission to alleviate the suffering of stray, abandoned, unwanted, and feral cats in Santa Clara County and serve as advocates for all cats.