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Homes Wanted: No-Kill shelter cares for cat

What happens if your new baby is allergic to your longtime feline friend? Or the cheapest housing option doesn’t allow pets? How much can you afford to spend if he needs surgery or medication?

These stressful situations require difficult decisions. Animal overpopulation and euthanasia rates worsen or improve depending upon the choices individuals make in tough situations like those. As these problems grow, local governments and concerned individuals create animal shelters to provide temporary homes for unwanted, abandoned, orphaned, and stray pets. Even at shelters, limited money and space means that healthy animals are often euthanized. Unless it’s a no-kill shelter.

Town Cats was created in 1997 by Rosi and Albert Mirko to alleviate the suffering of cats in the Santa Clara County. As a no-kill organization, Town Cats rehabilitates and finds homes for cats without resorting to euthanasia for population control.

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