Year End Giving 2020

Year End Giving 2020

Together, We Can Make the World a Better Place for Cats.

How You Can Change Lives.


The end of the year brings with it the season of giving thanks and giving back. It’s a time to reflect on the past months and all of its ups and downs: the many challenges we’ve faced, and the obstacles we’ve overcome. It’s a time to celebrate the power of giving, volunteerism, and even small, simple acts of kindness. 

Thanks to your donations and public support, our #GivingTuesday was a success in raising $36,000 of our $40,000 goal for our Program Expansion Campaign. Along with this much needed support, we are moving forward improvements to the shelter with the goal of relocation for more room so we can save more cats.

This year has challenged us in many way, but we have succeeded in pushing through those challenges with perseverance. Our goal to continue to provide the best care for our cats while increasing our capacity to save more is still within our reach. 

For the coming year, our goal is to utilize our funding to relocate to a new space where we can focus all our efforts on rescue, programs, and advocacy.

Our goal is to raise a total of $75K by year’s end and we can get there with your support. Help us move forward with the next phase of operations and relocate our shelter. You can also support us by volunteering your time, fostering incoming cats and kittens, or adopt one of our rescued cats waiting for their furrever home. 

Thank you for your support!

Because of you, we are able to make a big impact!

Our goal is to raise $75K for our Capital Campaign. Help us meet the needs of our current and incoming rescues today by supporting our no-kill mission to save more cats in the community because Every Cat Matters.

Even in times of crisis, our work is desperately needed. Your generosity and support is appreciated, now more than ever.

Giving Suggestions

  • Consider a one-time gift that will immediately be put to use to increase our reach in the community by expanding our incredible programs.
  • Consider a sustaining gift of a monthly donation which will ensure Town Cats has the continuous funds to rescue, care for, and adopt more cats in the community.
  • See some examples below of how your support is put to use:

$10 a month or $120 one-time gift sponsors one kitten’s full care in foster until adoption

$25 a month or $300 one-time gift pays for one dental cleaning of a senior cat in the shelter

$50 a month or $600 one-time gift pays for medications for a special needs cat for one year

$75 a month or $900 one-time gift covers the cost for food for 30 shelter cats for a month       

$100 a month or $1200 one-time gift covers the cost for an unexpected emergency vet visit

Ready to Commit to Monthly Support?

Consider a monthly donation today to support our cats and kittens. Because every cat deserves our love. 

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