Your Cats’ First Week Home Pt.2

Your Cats’ First Week Home Pt.2

By Cece Gu

When it comes to cats, bonding can be unpredictable due to their moody behavior. Some cats, such as Persian, Burmese, or Ragdoll, have a more friendly and sociable personality and can be easier to bond with. Some breeds, such as Siamese, tend to be a little more standoffish. But one thing to keep in mind is that if you’re patient, you can form a bond with any breed of cat as long as you do it the right way. Bonding does not happen over a few hours but may take days or weeks.

Here are some more tips for gently and effectively introducing new cats to you and your home.

Tip #1: Set up a small space to bond in. Cats feel much safer in smaller and more confined areas. When I first adopted my cats, Town Cats reminded me to set them up in a small space first (such as a bathroom) and let them stay there for the first few days. This allows them to get comfortable in their new home. It really worked! When we let them out after a few days, they were more confident and did not run or hide from us as much.

Tip #2: Observe their behaviors. Pay attention to what they like and don’t like. Different cats have different likes and dislikes; what might upset one cat might not even faze another. For example, one of my cats really hates the vacuum. So, whenever I vacuumed the floor during our first bonding days, I took him out of the room. My other cat dislikes my phone and jumps whenever I take it out, so I make sure to keep my phone away from him.

Tip #3: Let them adjust to their environment. To make it easier for them, approach them in a slow and calm way (not sudden and forward). Just as important as spending time with them in the first few days is giving them alone time and space. Make sure that you have a clean and quiet area for them, and keep them away from other animals in the household who may startle them.

Tip #4: Let them come to you. Cats like to be in charge and are happier when they initiate the interaction.

Tip #5: Try not to startle them with sudden movements or loud noises. Slowly approach; try to not make loud noises; and let them know you are coming towards them.

All cats are different in the sense that they have very unique pur-sonalities. Thus, starting with these basic tips is always a starting point onto navigating your way into their hearts!





Edited by Alexis Meehan