Town Cats Community Cat Cupboard


Town Cat’s has established The Cat Cupboard Relief Program in 2020, with the intent of providing support to families who are experiencing financial hardship caused by the pandemic and other economic challenges. Town Cat’s knows how important it is to have support during this difficult times, and we aim to keep families together and reduce the possibility of animal surrender due to lack of resources.

Our new, permanent Community Cat Cupboard is here to help ensure that a lack of food won’t cause undue stress due to surrendering the pet to a shelter and losing a beloved part of the family. Our program is available to all residents of Santa Clara county experiencing financial hardship regardless of the reason.

If you need help or would like more information about our Cat Cupboard Relief Program, please contact us by emailing info@towncats.org


If you would like to be a part of our Cat Cupboard Relief Program, please fill out the online application. We will contact you with next steps.


  • Please notify Town Cats by email in the event that you no longer need support so that others may be helped.
  • Pick-up dates/times will be arranged with Town Cat’s staff. Please wait for contact once you fill out an application.
  • Photo identification will be required when picking up supplies.
  • Food will be provided only if Town Cat’s has food to distribute. The support given through this program is dependent on community grants/donations.
  • Town Cats cannot guarantee support of additional pets acquired after entry into the program.
  • Please do not sell, give away, or return to a store any pet food or supplies received through Town Cats Community Cat Cupboard
  • Town Cats reserves the right to discontinue service through the Program at any time, for any reason.

Donate or Volunteer

If you would like to donate to our Community Cat Cupboard Program, you can use our Amazon Smile wish list to order food direct to our shelter, as well as donating here with a note directing the funds to The Cat Cupboard.

We’re looking for help with deliveries. If you’re interested in volunteering, fill out volunteer form and contact volunteer@towncats.org