Monthly Giving Program

Town Cats Purrfect Friends Program!

Become a monthly donor today and help save more lives with Town Cats!


Ready to be Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself? Become a Monthly Donor!

Our goal is to gain 500 new monthly donors by the end of  2020-

That’s just 5% of all our friends on Facebook!

Turn your values into action. Together, we can do this!

Your Monthly Gift Will:

  • Provide a reliable source of support for Town Cats’ ongoing rescue & adoption of cats and kittens in Santa Clara county and beyond
  • Continue Town Cats’ educational efforts
  • Sustain Town Cats’ veterinary care ‘Angel Fund’
  • Provide funding for our essential foster program, paying for all costs so they can focus on caring for kittens


Why Give Monthly

  • It’s different than regular giving: This money is the life source of the organization. It allows us to grow and expand our programs, rescue more cats and kittens and keeps us in operation over the course of the year
  • Its affordable: By giving monthly, you invest what makes the most sense to you and you make an incredible impact to our organization over the course of your membership.
  • It’s a Community: Becoming a “Purrfect Friend” member will allow you to join an incredible group of like minded supporters who understand the importance of making a sustained commitment to supporting cats in the community.  It makes you a friend cats can depend on. When you stand up for rescue with your monthly gift, you make a commitment to cats in the community, spay/neuter education, veterinary care and more. You become a champion they can count on.
  • Sustained Support: Monthly giving allows us to invest in specific areas of our mission, expand our programs to more areas of Santa Clara county because we know we have the sustained support of our “Purrfect Friends” community. 
  • It’s Exclusive: You’ll receive ongoing updates on what’s happening at Town Cats, with exclusive photos and videos of the cats we help, early access ticketing to our special events, and a special end of year surprise gift. Your support matters, and we want to acknowledge you for your monthly dedication and support!
  • It’s flexible. You can increase, decrease, or cancel your monthly gift at any time, without obligation.
  • It’s convenient. You sign up once, and your gift is automatically withdrawn each month on the same day. Use the checking option, and never have to update your credit card when it expires! Just set it and forget it.

Giving Suggestions

$10 a month = $120 a year sponsors one kitten’s full care in foster until adoption

$25 a month = $300 a year pays for one dental cleaning of a senior cat in the shelter

$50 a month = $600 a year pays for medications for a special needs cat for one year

$75 a month = $900 a year pays for food for 30 shelter cats

$100 a month = $1200 a year pays for an emergency vet visit

Not Ready to Commit to Monthly Support?

Consider a one-time donation today to support our cats and kittens. Because every cat deserves our love.