Become a Foster Parent!

You can help out right now by fostering a kitten or two for a few weeks…. read below for more details, apply to become a volunteer foster, and if you have any questions you can always email us at foster@towncats.org

Fill out the Foster Application here! https://www.shelterluv.com/matchme/foster/TOWN/Cat

Si necesita la aplicación en español, envíe un correo electrónico a info@towncats.org

Why Foster?

To foster means to care for an animal in your home. One foster parent calls it “bringing love home” – when you see a bottle-baby kitten walk on its own, or an adult cat soaking in the sun, you know. As a foster parent, you are a hero! You create a vital link in the network that saves animals in Santa Clara County. In return for your care, you get training and support! And lots of love and gratitude too! You may wonder why an animal needs foster care. It’s simple. Like people who lose their homes, animals need time and a warm, safe place to get their bearings and to get ready for the next step.

Ready to be a hero? Not sure? Afraid you’ll fall in love and won’t be able to let go? Talk to us. We’re foster parents too.

What does it mean to be a foster family?

Cat and kitten foster parents provide short and long-term care for animals in their homes. By offering your time, love, and attention, you prepare your foster cat or kitten for adoption into a permanent, loving home.

Five common reasons cats/kittens are in foster care:

  • They are too young and or underweight to be placed up for adoption.
  • A momma cat and her nursing kittens need a home environment where they can feel safe and receive proper socialization.
  • Cats or kittens need time to recuperate from an illness or injury.
  • Cats who need socialization or behavior modification.
  • A senior cat or severely ill cat that needs hospice type care in their final days

Your Duties as a Foster Care Parent:

  • Provide daily care, feeding, and any necessary medications as prescribed by our staff veterinarian.
  • Socialize cats/kittens and give them plenty of TLC.
  • Provide transportation for medical appointments.
  • Be Committed: These cats/kittens will be in your care until they are ready to be placed for adoption.

You could have your foster(s) for a few weeks or several months.


How Foster Care Works:

  1. Town Cats receives cats/kittens not ready to be placed in our adoption program.
  2. Foster homes are contacted. If you are called to foster an animal and are not available, we will find another foster home and call you the next time.
  3. The cats/kittens go to the foster home until they are ready for adoption. Town cats will arrange their surgery to be spayed/neutered, you need to provide transportation and post-operative care.
  4. Once your cats/kittens have recovered from their spay/neuter surgery, an Town Cats staff member will contact you when there is space for your fosters to enter our adoption program.


Challenges of  Fostering:

  • Fostering is a family commitment.
  • Fostering can sometimes be exhausting.
  • Fostering is time-consuming.
  • Fostering may sometimes cost you money.

It can be painful to say goodbye to your fosters when they are ready for adoption, BUT, fostering can be THE MOST rewarding and fulfilling thing a true cat lover will ever do to support our shelter cats!


Qualifications for Feline Fostering:

In order to ensure that your foster cats/kittens receive the care they need, we ask that you:

  • Have basic knowledge of feline care and behavior.
  • Attend our Volunteer Orientation class and Foster Care Training session.
  • Have an area where you can keep your foster cats/kittens isolated from your own companion animals.
  • Have a flexible schedule to allow time for routine veterinary exams and vaccinations, as well as any emergencies that may occur.
  • Many of these animals cannot be left alone for more than 4 hours at a time.
  • Be able to commit enough time to socialize your fosters.
  • Be at least 18 years old.

Ready to start the process? Forms are below – if you have any questions, email us at foster@towncats.org