Working & Special Cat Adoptions

Working & Special Cat Adoptions

Outdoor/Working Cat adoptions

Will work for (cat) food!


Do you need help with rodent control in your barn, garden, winery, warehouse or garage?  You need a Town Cats “Working Cat”!


Do you need highly skilled workers who are dependable, effective and utterly cute?  Looking for an eco-friendly, humane alternative to pest management?  Our Working Cats are premier rodent managers!  These cats would rather not be stuck in a house and they will flourish as your barn, garden or warehouse employees.  You only need to provide food and water, protection from the elements and long term care.  Following a brief period of confinement to acclimate to your location, they will be ready to work!


For Outdoor/Working cat adoptions, we require a site inspection. Adoption fees vary depending on how many cats adopted, but a minimum $25 donation per cat is recommended. We deliver cats to you and will provide the enclosure/cage required for minimum 30 day imprinting.


Each cat will have been:

• spayed/neutered

• vaccinated

• dewormed

• defleaed


Contact: info@towncats.org for more information!

Senior Cats adoptions

Some of the cats in our shelter are older; they may have a little silver in their fur, but are calmer and not as likely to try to climb the curtains as a kitten. They often are just fine with being alone if necessary. Please consider adopting an older kitty! This video is a tribute to Red Dog, one of our older kitties who was adopted and much loved. Please view it, and think about adopting a wonderful older cat. Also ask us about senior cats for senior people program, if you are over 60 and the cat is over years old then the adoption is FREE!


As you probably know, Town Cats adopts out over 500 cats every year, mostly through our “Adoption Centers” at pet stores. What you may not know is that we also have a number of cats who have been in our care for many years. These long term resident cats have lived at our shelter in Morgan Hill, some for as many as 15 years. These wonderful cats have never experienced the feeling of having a home and their own family to love. We think their forever needs to start now, and we want them to Come Home!


Legacy Cat promotion

In 1997 Rosi Mirko founded Town Cats, an adoption center and sanctuary for cats, with the support of her husband Albert. Her goal to alleviate the suffering of stray, abandoned, unwanted and feral cats while also serving as an advocate for all cats in Santa Clara County is the foundation of Town Cats’s mission. Rosi’s incredible work for the community and for Town Cats is forever remembered through her love and passion for saving cat’s lives.


Rosi’s long term Legacy Cats have been at the shelter for years, some a decade, awaiting their forever homes. Below are are all that remain of Rosi’s long term Legacy Cats. They are in need of special forever homes from heroes in our community who can carry on Rosi’s legacy. Please consider being a hero for these special kitties by opening up your heart and offering love and a home to our legacy cats.


All of these special cats are a part of our “In it for Life” program — a program where Town Cats will help cover all basic medical costs for the life of the cat — and all have their adoption fees waved.


In support of Rosi’s Legacy Cats, Town Cats has commissioned artists to uniquely highlight the beauty and personality of each cat. These one-of-a-kind original masterpieces will accompany each cat home on the day of their adoption — our thank you gift to you for supporting Rosi’s Legacy.