Rehoming Your Cat

Guidelines For Placing An Animal In A New Home

If you are looking for a home for a companion animal or stray and need some ideas to help find a good home, please review and download our guidelines for placing your pet or stray animal in a new home. These guidelines include tips on what you should do to prepare your animal for adoption and how to screen potential adopters to make the right match for your animal. Cats do best in rehoming situations when they are rehomed by their owner and bypass a shelter environment. We encourage you to do make the most effort to prevent your cat from sitting in a shelter environment awaiting a new home. If you have exhausted all your resources and would like to inquire about surrendering to Town Cats, please email surrender@towncats.org for availability and options. Not all requests can be accommodated.


Posting A Listing On The Rehome Website

Find your pet a loving home using Rehome by Adopt-a-pet.com and the Petco Foundation. They have created a simple, reliable, free program to help you place your pet from your loving home directly to another. Click this link to get started.

Posting A Listing On The Town Cats Website

To post a cat on this Courtesy Listings page, please send the information below to courtesylistings@towncats.org, along with at least one high-quality digital photo. Your listing will remain on the website for three months, after which time you may re-submit it if you wish.

Submit your photo with the following information:

Animal name:
Date of birth:
Physical Description:
Personality Description:
Animal History:
Contact Name:
Contact E-Mail:

Animal Bio:  Summary paragraph that will be at the top of the listing, highlighting what are your cat’s key personality traits and other information.

Courtesy Cat Listing

Please give these wonderful animals a chance! The animals listed below are not a part of or associated with Town Cats adoption and/or fostering programs. The information listed for each animal was provided by individual caregivers and was not generated or verified by Town Cats. Town Cats makes no representations related to these animals. As with all adoptions, Town Cats encourages potential adopters to gain as much information as possible before adopting these animals, including but not limited to temperament testing, consultation with a trainer, and consultation with a veterinarian. As always, we encourage you to spay and neuter your pets.


If you are interested in adopting one of these animals, please contact the caregivers of the animal by email or phone provided. These animals will be posted for 90 days.

Names: Theodore (Teddy)

Date of birth: 2020

Physical Description: Teddy is a 16 lb. Domestic Shorthair mix.  He has gray and white coloring, and golden eyes.  He is on the larger end in terms of being long/tall.

Personality Description: Teddy has an amazing personality that is a mix of being super snuggly and also wanting to play!  He loves to be near those who are familiar to him, which includes snuggling up and napping.  He does love to play and enjoys various toys to keep him entertained.  He often plays fetch with his toys and loves to watch birds out of windows.

Animal Bio: He was found at the local SPCA after being surrendered.  He has lived mostly indoors his whole life and did come from a home that had children and other pets.  However, I do think he would be more suited towards adults or families with older children, and does well being the only pet in the house.  Teddy is a fun-loving and sweet 4-year old cat .  Unfortunately, due to some health issues, I can’t keep Teddy and must find him another home. He is an amazing companion and loves attention.

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Vaccinations: Up to date

Contact name: Catherine Ishimaru

Contact email: ishimarucatherine@gmail.com

Listing Date: 3/7/2024

Names: Meowth

Date of birth: 04/29/2023

Physical Description: Meowth is a ~ 14 lb, Domestic Shorthair, Tabby male kitty.  He is mostly white with some orange on his face and tail.  He has brown/orange eyes.

Personality Description: He is very loving and playful.

Animal Bio: Meowth is from a stray cat that we took in and turned out to be pregnant with six kittens.  We decided to get them all spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and now we need to find them homes!  Meowth is loving, sweet, playful, curious, and a sometimes mischievous kitten.  He is independent but gets along with his siblings and our small dog.  He loves to be pet and is very affectionate.

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Vaccinations: Up to date

Contact name: Allison R.

Contact email: kittiesneedhomess@gmail.com

Listing Date: 3/7/2024

Names: Yang

Date of birth: 04/29/2023

Physical Description: Yang is a ~ 10 lbs, Domestic Shorthair, Tuxedo female kitty.

Personality Description: She is a playful and loving kitten that also likes to have “me” time.

Animal Bio: Yang is from a stray cat that we took in and turned out to be pregnant with six kittens.  We decided to get them all spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and now we need to find them homes!  Yang is affectionate, loving, easy going, very independent, playful and sometimes mischievous.  She likes to play with her siblings but enjoys alone time too.  She gets along well with her siblings and our small dog.  She has a great personality and will surely make her next owner very happy.

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Vaccinations: Up to date

Contact name: Allison R.

Contact email: kittiesneedhomess@gmail.com

Listing Date: 3/7/2024

Names: Sylvester

Date of birth: 04/29/2023

Physical Description: Sylvester is a male Tuxedo kitty.  He is a Domestic Shorthair.

Personality Description: He is calm, loving and playful.

Animal Bio: Sylvester came from a stray cat that we took in and turned out to be pregnant with six kittens.  We decided to have them all spayed/neutered and get their vaccines.  We sadly need to find Sylvester a new home because we have too many animals in ours.  He is sweet, calm, loyal, playful, easy going, and sometimes a mischievous kitten.  He loves to play with his siblings and can just be to himself.  He gets along well with this siblings and our small dog!  I wish to find him a loving home that will treat him well.  He will surely make his next owner very happy as he does for us.

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Vaccinations: Up to date

Contact name: Allison R.

Contact email: kittiesneedhomess@gmail.com

Listing Date: 3/7/2024

Names: Tom & Sam

Date of birth: Around August 2012
Weight:  Tom is ~7 lbs, Sam is ~12 lbs

Physical Description: Tom is a black kitty (F), Ssam is an orange kitty (M)

Personality Description: Tom is a playful and curious cat with a heart full of love.  She is affectionate and enjoys hugs and snuggling up on the couch with her human friends.  She even has a couple of tricks up her sleeves (paws?) in exchange for treats!  Sam is a gentle spirit who also loves exploring.  Sam is a great companion and loves to be pampered with gentle pets.  He can be shy at first, but once he gets to know you, his purr will melt your heart.

Animal Bio: Tom and Sam are a bonded pair.  They bring joy and companionship to any home. This cute pair is well-behaved and are very easy to take care of.  I’m hoping to find a loving family or person who is committed to providing proper veterinary care and a lifetime of love.  Ideally, the new home would have safe access to the outdoors for their enjoyment and wellbeing.

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Vaccinations: Up to date
Medical:  Tom has suspected Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), so she is on a prescription diet.  She also takes vitamin B12 as a chew tablet daily.  Sam is healthy.

Contact name: Naomi Iwata

Contact email: Naomi.iwata3@gmail.com

Listing Date: 2/9/2024

Name: Flash

Date of birth/Age: 7 years old
Weight:  unknown
Breed:  American Shorthair

Physical Description: Gray and white tabby with hazel eyes, very muscular and on the larger side. Very healthy and active.

Personality Description: Sweet, loving, independent, quiet, and calm

Animal Bio: I am a very sweet and quiet cat who is made primarily of muscle! I need a new home because my previous owners had a massive living change and gave me to a trusted friend to foster. Unfortunately that friend is very new to fostering and wants me to find a good, new home as soon as possible. Please adopt me, I am perfectly healthy, all I need is love and a place to explore! I am a bit picky with food though, but my owner and foster know the foods that I like!

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Vaccinations: Up to date

History: mostly unknown, he was an indoor outdoor cat before he came to us and the situation in which we got him was unconventional. We are having to emergency foster him but cannot keep this up for more than a couple weeks.

Contact name: Ramola

Contact email: dattaramola@gmail.com

Listing Date: 1/22/2024

Name: Tofu

Date of birth/Age: 6 months old
Weight:  12 lbs
Physical Description: Tuxedo kitty

Kitty Description:  Tofu is looking for his forever home. He was rescued as a kitten in front of a Japanese restaurant about 3 months ago, hence the name Tofu. Unfortunately due to personal health reasons, I cannot keep tofu. He is a very sweet, playful youngster. He likes to rub his head against my hand for pets and likes to chase cat toys. Tofu has lived with my kiddo, our dog and previously lived with other cats. He has been neutered and received his rabies vaccine. He will be receiving the other required cat vaccines soon. He will come with a cat tower and travel carrier.

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Contact Name: Tara Bogar, lynn.tara84@gmail.com

Listing Date: 1/2/2024

Name: Mittens and Smokey

Date of birth/Age: 5-6 months old

Kitty Description:  These sweet siblings are looking for their forever home.  They are dog friendly and love to sit on a lap, purr and fall asleep.  They would love to go to one family but they don’t have to.  They are comfortable a busy home.  They love to sit in their cat tree and look outside.  They are located in Gilroy.

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Contact Name: Barbara (408) 386-4812.

Listing Date: 1/9/2024

Name: Mabel

Date of birth: Under one year old
Weight: Approx. 8 lbs.
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Sex: Female
Personality Description: Mabel is very playful and acts just like a dog.  She is a lap cat!
Kitty Bio:  FELV+ kitten nees a forever home!  She is super loving and has the most amazing coat!  Baby Mabel is approx. 8 months old and isn’t showing any active signs of FELV+, but has tested positive.  She has had all of her vaccinations, also potty trained with no incidents.  She would make a wonderful family member to another FELV+ cat or small dog.  I took her in because she was adopted into a family that had a cat and was unaware she was FELV+.  I can’t keep her because I have asthma. PM if you are interested.
Physical Description:  Dilute Calico
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Yes

Contact Name: Joan Ilse
Contact E-Mail: jleeilse@yahoo.com

Listing Date: 1/9/2024

Names:  Whiskers and Gracie

Date of birth: End of June 2023 for both
Weight: maybe 5 pounds
Breed: Black domestic kittyPhysical Description: All black, one white whisker some white in his ears
Personality Description: loves his ears scratched , he will reach out to your hand so you do not stop scratching. He has a loud purr when he is being scratched or held. Loves to play with his toys and his friend.  Gracie loves to play with her friend Whiskers and toys, purrs when being pet or scratched.

Spayed/Neutered: Whisker Neutered and chipped, GreyC Spayed and Chippped

Vaccinations: Kitten vaccines

Animal History: Both living with a foster parent, Still young kittens,  has been living in a bedroom with his friend Gracie since early July

Contact Name: Barbara Fay, 408-386-4812
Contact E-Mail:barbnickfay@gmail.com

Listing Date: 1/9/2024

Name: Iris

Date of birth: 2/3/2013
Weight: 18.8 lbs.
Breed: Ragdoll mix
Sex: Female

Personality Description: Iris would be happiest in a quiet atmosphere but she is used to the television and lot of music. She is satisfied being an indoor only cat and has never tried to run outdoors. Preferably, no young children and no other pets will be permanently in her environment. She lived with an elderly gentleman for 5 years and she was very affectionate with him. Iris is shy at first and may hide but due to her need for affection she will eventually come out and visit. Iris uses cat scratchers and she plays with toys but she is not overly active.

Medication: Vetsulin 2x/day, 4 units per dose. Yearly bloodwork is recommended.

Diet: Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Multi Benefit Digestive/Weight/Glucose/Urinary Dry cat food.
Vet: Cochrane Animal Hospital, Morgan Hill, Ca. Her last vet visit was February 2023.

Health Status: Urinary Tract Infection September 22, 2022 (resolved) & February 14, 2023 (resolved); Diagnosis for Diabetes September 22, 2022 (ongoing).

Last Vet Check Up and any identified health concerns: Feb 14, 2023 no new issues FeLV/FIV tested, April 22, 2018 result negative

Vaccinations and Dates: Rabies vaccine 3 yr on March 5, 2019; FVRCP vaccine 3 yr on March 05, 2019

There is information about Iris on Petfinder.com courtesy of https://purebredsplus.org/cats/iris-3/ who helps to find new homes for cats.  Purebreds Plus is an organization that does not have foster families but aids the current owner to rehome their cat. At this time, Petfinder is showing Iris as residing in Davis, Ca.

Contact Name: Judy Salvano
Contact E-Mail: raynjudy@aol.com

Listing Date: 1/2/2024

Name: Rooster

Date of birth: Estimated 2015
Weight: 10 lbs.
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Sex: Female
Physical Description: Calico cat with short hair
Personality Description: Gentle, calm and affectionate
Spayed/Neutered: yes
Vaccinations: yes
Animal History: Okay with small (up to 20 lbs.) dog
Contact Name: Steve Baker
Contact E-Mail: steve@stringstitute.com

BIO:  Rooster was rescued as a stray by her current owner in 2019.  We think she had a previous owner, given her excellent social skills and lack of fear of humans and small animals.  She is a loving cat that enjoys cuddles, a place by the window to watch the wildlife, and a secluded hideaway where she can nap.  And, oh, she purrs.

Listing Date: 1/11/2024

Name: Rhi Rhi

Date of birth: Estimated 2016
Weight: 13 lbs.
Breed: Black Long Hair
Sex: Female
Physical Description: A black long-haired cat with a funny hop of a run (see photos and videos here)
Personality Description: Loving and appreciative of ear rubs; a little skittish.
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: up to date
Animal History: Rescued from the threat of euthanasia by a shelter. She was previously unapproachable but has become very loving with steady care. She takes meds that can be mixed into her food (gabapentin and lactulose).
See more information here.
Contact Name: Joshua Rothhaas
Contact E-Mail: jrothhaas@gmail.com

Listing Date: 2/3/2024