Check the Chip

Today is check the chip day! Microchipping is a common practice and an essential step in adopting and owning a pet.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is an electronic chip implanted under the skin of the neck of your pet. The chip has a unique identification number that can be read when the chip is scanned. The microchip is connected to a database that contains medical details, the owner’s contact details, and other information about your pet.

Why Microchip?

According to the ASPCA, microchips paired with visible ID tags are the most reliable way to locate a lost pet. While a collar can fall off or break, a microchip is implanted under your pet’s skin. Once it is registered, the information stays with your pet forever!

Every cat that we adopt out at Town Cats has a microchip with its own identification number that can be registered with your information once you get your new family member home. This is just one way we ensure that our cats stay safe, happy, and healthy in their new homes.  

If you have a lost or found pet, visit:  https://lost.petcolove.org/. The site allows you to list lost and found pets and look for your missing pets. We are happy to partner with Petco Love Lost to help reunite families with their furry friends! 

Thanks for reading; make sure you get your pet microchipped and keep the information up to date. It can help make sure you never lose your forever friend!