February Adoptaversaries!

February Adoptaversaries


These are several adoptaversaries for the month of February! Thanks to our case managers, the stories of our lovely felines keep coming in. These are February’s Adoptaversaries!

February 2017 Updates

  • Itohan Ellis with Loki: “Thank you so much for getting in touch and checking in on Loki – it’s truly heartwarming. Loki is doing extremely well. She’s 200% part of the family and knows it! She loves the girls and shows it.  Her personality is quite unique – she’ll often lie on her back with legs splayed out and snooze, she considers mice friends and playmates, she likes to climb into bed with you and somehow ends up sleeping on your head… the list goes on.  Basically, we love her to bits and couldn’t imagine being without her.” 
  • Desiree Khu with Ricky Roo: “Thanks so much for the kind sentiments! Ricky Roo has been well. These days, he’s been happily helping me work from home. And he loves playing with his different scratchers. Not sure if Danielle Carr is still with Town Cats. But once again, we are especially thankful for her help during Ricky’s adoption!”
  • Kirti Prabhu with Siddy: So good to hear from you. Siddy is hale and hearty. She is doing just fine and has adjusted really well past 4 years. In fact, she bosses over our dog, our 11-year-old husky/coon hound. . We are so glad we adopted her. She is quite caring, vocal and keeps us all entertained. She is also friends with another male cat that visits us all the time.” 
  • Orley Hatfield with Misty: “Thank you for your “remembrance”!  Misty is doing great, but it did take a couple of months for her to “be seen” and “take command”.  She now has to greet arrivals but doesn’t much care about their departures, she has to “help” with the housework, approve of our meals, play with the jigsaw puzzles, watch the wildlife from her tabletop window seat, just making a nuisance of herself. She does like lap time (when she isn’t napping on our bed) but only when she asks for it.
    We are so glad we were able to adopt her!!” 

February 2018 Updates

  • Caitlin Lewis with Catarina now Lup:Thank you for reaching out! Catarina goes by Lup now. She’s a happy, spoiled girl who loves basking in the window and napping on the couch. She has a little brother named Taako who she loves to wrestle and play with. She’s 10.5lbs of pure joy and is the love of my life. I’m forever grateful for getting the opportunity to adopt her. She means the absolute world to me.”
  • Lisa Arnold with Revi now Mimi: “Revi (Mimi) is great. We love her so much. She is an excellent, fun energetic cat.  She loves to sit with me and her fur is amazing. Thanks for checking up on her.”   
  • Randy Mccalla with Tiger: “Tiger is doing well. We love him. He is still a wild hair cat. Plays very rough and gets super excited. I have been to the ER 3 times, but we love him and vice versa. He was never trained to be gentle. His way of loving is to bite.” 
  • Peggy Ohalloran with Bobbie now Monkey:  “Bobbie, now Monkey, is an absolute dream!! She is so special. She’s very communicative and likes to be rubbed. One of Monkey’s favorite places is….on my shoulder while I’m trying to work.”  
  • Gloria Chavez with Luigi now Simon Blue: “Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! Luigi is now Simon Blue (and Boopers, Lil Cub, Bear-Bear, Blueberry Muffin). He’s not a fan of other people, but he is such a love bug with his mama. He LOVES belly rubs and snuggles. He also enjoys watching bird videos on my iPad and playing the fishy game. He does torment his older sister from time to time, but she puts him in his place when necessary. Attached are some pictures and a video. Adopting this furball has made my life so much better!!”
  • Jenna Basinger with Bernard: ” Oh man, that guy. He took over the house the second he came home.  We were told he would be scared.  He purred the whole way home and despite locking him in the bathroom, he escaped and toured the whole house that night. He taught our girl cat how to be a cat. She and her brother (had to put him down due to congestive heart failure at almost 4) were found at a week old and never had a role model. He harasses her nonstop but she sometimes seems to enjoy it? We had a baby last year and Bernie is always near us and wants to sit on the porch with us to be sure we are safe. My daughter loves them both and screams happily when she sees the cats. He doesn’t love that.  But he is so good at letting us teach her how to pet him.  He rubs against her hand when she reaches out. He can sit on command and pick which can of food he wants for dinner. He has 3 “bobs” he is obsessed with and drags them up and down the stairs all around the house to where we are when he wants to play.  We wake up in bed a lot with them. I attached a pic with a bob. He is such a character.  We are so thankful for him! Thank you for all you do getting kitties homes :)”
  • Claire Jones with Leia: “She is doing great!!! Absolutely the love of my life and my moms.”
  • Robin Larmer on Pearl: “Pearl was a very special girl who remained sweet despite all the hardships she endured. As you may know, she was adopted and returned twice before she came to me. It took me 6 months to gain her trust enough for her to let me pet her, but once she decided she was safe we established a strong bond. She meant the world to me. She didn’t get along with the other cats, and that was disappointing, but they learned to respect her and give her space. We all moved back to Seattle at the end of 2019. Pearl took it in stride – she handled the 18-hour ride in the RV like a pro. She was just beginning to settle into the new house, roaming around with a lot of confidence, when I noticed signs of illness, including a distended stomach. As suspected, it was cancer, and it wasn’t treatable. Not long after, I had to say goodbye to my sweet Pearl. It was devastating to lose her, and the unfairness of it happening just as she was coming into her own made it worse. She deserved so much better than this life gave her. But she died knowing she was loved and wanted, and that gives me some comfort. I’ve attached a couple of photos, including one taken on Pearl’s last day. I still have my 3 other Town Cats alum – brothers Oscar and Omar, f/k/a Mickey and Obama, and Roxie, f/k/a Ginny.
  • Emma Batmazian with Hank (Boone) and Thomas (Bear): “The boys are doing really well! Their new names are Hank (Boone) and Thomas (Bear). They still love cuddling one another and sleep with me every night! Please find some pictures attached from the past few months.” 
  • Samantha Wendt with Beatrix now Remi: “Awww Beatrix is now called Rémi (or kitty, miss meow meow).  She grew up with two dogs and now shares some loveable canine traits: runs to the door to greet us, sits for a treat, etc.  Remi was the much-needed friend to my lonely bulldog and they’ve been inseparable after the initial get-to-know-you stay out of my face period hahaha.  Now she’s so lovely, likes to wake us up with little pats on the forehead, talks endlessly, and demands to see what’s being cooked for dinner. Being a military family, she’s lived in three states since her adoption and has adapted so well to all the changes. Thank you so much for our furry family member!!!”

February 2019 Updates

  • Becky Hernandez with Marco: ” Thanks for checking up on Marco. Marco has come a long way from having lived at the shelter for 4 and a 1/2 years. It took him a little while to adjust but now he seems to be a very happy camper. As you will see the transitions from indoors to spending some time outdoors on our back patio plus he’s got a couple of Kitty friends to keep him company. He’s doing very well. He still has his health issues but all in all, he has come such a long way we love Marco dearly and try to give him the best life that he can have. Thank you all at the shelter for doing such a good job and trying to find homes for all the kitties.” 
  • Stefanie with Topsy: “Wow. Thanks so much! Topsy has been the perfect addition to our family. She is such a great cat. We love her so much. She is very happy, healthy, and full of energy. Thank you!” 
  • Marcelle d’Almeida with Meeko: “Meeko is the star of the show in our household! He’s doing great! We adopted him when he was a few months old and he’s grown to be bigger than all of our other adult cats. He’s a big boy. He still has a lot of his kitten energy in him and shows no signs of slowing down :)”
  • Matthew Tringone with Mimi: “Everything is going great with Mimi and Coffee (who I also adopted from you guys). We moved from California to North Carolina about half a year ago but now everyone has settled in here. They’ve turned into two very mushy kitties who love to be held and cuddled. Mimi was a bit cold at first but has become more and more affectionate the longer she’s here :)” 
  • Poliana Irizarry with Apollo & Artemis (AKA Pawpaw & Artie): “Apollo & Artemis (AKA Pawpaw & Artie) are happy, healthy, and adorable adults nowadays. They’ve brought me so much joy, especially during socially distanced times. Thank you so much for your message. I’ve included some of their recent snapshots. They love to snuggle on the bed with me & then use it as a launchpad for zoomies all over the apartment. Soooooooo cute!”

February 2020 Update

Cheryl Red with Debbie: “Debbie has been renamed to Georgia, and she’s doing well. She’s a feisty, sweet little ball of energy. Our only issues are that she and our older cat still don’t like each other, and Georgia will try to attack the other (much larger) cat. We’ll probably seek help from a cat behaviorist. My camera roll is full of pictures of this little furball. Here are a couple of my favorites. Thank you for reaching out.”

We will be bringing more adoptaversaries each month!