Sunflower finds the perfect home!

Sunflower came to us as a senior cat with hyperthyroidism. She was very underweight, however, with monthly vet visits and blood tests we were able to stabilize her thyroid. As a senior cat finding homes is always a challenge, let alone a senior with medical needs. Her loving and affectionate demeanor won the hearts of a young couple who were looking for a friend for their older cat. Having had experience with cats with special needs they were willing to give her the loving home she deserves.

Sunflower has settled in with the young couple’s family and their older cat. Sunflower also had her thyroid medication readjusted and she is showing signs of having it improved! She has been eating some good food, enjoying watching her dad cook nightly dinners and warmed up to her human family. She is very curious about everything around her!

We are happy to see another successful adoption and incredibly happy that Sunflower found her perfect family!