Happy Tails Tuesday- June

For today’s happy tale, we have quite a story.  June is a very special cat; she was brought to us a little over two years ago as a kitten. After she was adopted, she began to have seizures, which her adopter could not manage. June was brought back to Town Cats just a few weeks after being adopted.

At the shelter, June was going through medical evaluations and tests; despite everything, she was still not thriving. That’s when she met Carmel, who was visiting the shelter to inquire about fostering another cat. Carmel was a great friend, foster, and supporter of Town Cats, so shelter staff asked if she would be able to foster June instead of the cat she was initially there to meet. Carmel agreed, and that was the beginning of their journey.

June went to her new home to meet her new siblings, three cats and two small dogs. Even with Carmel giving June her medication, the seizures continued to occur more and more often with varying intensity. When her seizures stopped, she would go back to playing around and being a typical kitten.

June as a young cat

Then June had a cluster seizure, Carmel remembers that she just kept shaking and wouldn’t stop. Carmel rushed June to Sage Animal Hospital, and they were able to stabilize her. The Veterinarian decided that she needed an MRI, which determined that June had epilepsy. To have any quality of life June would need to be on three medications administered daily.

June bounced back and has not had a seizure since March of 2021! She has turned into a beautiful 2 year old cat, she gets along with all her siblings and is a joy to be around. She’s quiet, doesn’t purr, and is very independent.

This September, Carmel officially adopted June, and we are so thankful that she has been able to give June the best life she can have. Carmel says

“Our life together has been a joy. Even though she can’t jump or climb high, she gets around. I am sure her medication has slowed her down, and she isn’t as active as she should be, but she is a happy girl. She doesn’t know she’s a special needs cat. All she knows is that she’s special because she is loved by me and others that have had the privilege to meet her.”

Thank you, Carmel, for giving June a happy home filled with love. Happy Tails, June!!

You can help cats like June by donating to our Angel Fund, which we use to help cats with special medical needs, just like June’s. Donate at: https://tinyurl.com/3afh5vjk

June after being adopted! Happy Tails June!