Kitten Season is here!

It’s back! Kitten Season is here again, every year, it seems to start earlier and earlier. We just welcomed another litter of kittens to the Town Cats family and anticipate many more this Kitten Season.

We are in need of donations, fosters, and volunteers to help us get through this kitten season. We can only do our work with support from the whole Town Cats team, and that means you! See below how you can help us save more kittens this kitten season.

There are several ways you can help us prepare for the influx of tiny little bundles of furry joy!

Wish Lists

We have our most needed items on our Chewy wish list (kitten food is our biggest need, those little ones eat A LOT!), you can order direct ship to our shelter or purchase elsewhere and drop the supplies off at our shower.

We also have an Amazon Baby Registry to replace the loss of our Amazon Smile List

Sponsor A Kitten!

As each spring and summer bring us warmer weather and sunny skies – mother nature brings us the gift of kittens! During these warm months, the Bay Area shelter and rescue system become inundated with stray kittens – many requiring round-the-clock care and weeks of fostering before they are healthy and strong enough to find their forever homes.

At Town Cats, all of our kittens are fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neutered, fed a high-quality and nutritious diet, and socialized in enriching foster homes. The average cost to foster a kitten is over $300, which totals into the thousands for litters of 4 or more! 

We rely on help from the community through donations and supplies. This year, you can help us by donating directly to from our Amazon or Chewy Wish Lists, or by sponsoring a litter of kittens by choosing one of the levels below: Donate Here!

Level 1: Enrichment $25

Our enrichment level includes a Goody Box of kitten toys and treats from Chewy!

Level 2: The Essentials $50

Our Essentials bundle includes a 20lb bag of litter, a 4lb bag of kitten dry food, and a case of kitten wet food!

 Level 3: Foster Kit $135

Our Foster kit includes Levels 1 and 2 plus a pet playpen, litter box, and cozy pet bed! 

Level 4: Medical Package $175

Our medical package covers spay/neuter, microchip, and all vaccinations for one kitten.

  • 3 FVRCP vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • 1–3 flea medication
  • 1 microchip
  • 1 spay or 2 neuters

Level 5: The Whole Kitten-Caboodle $310

This level includes all supplies mentioned in Levels 1-4!