March Adoptaversaries!

March Adoptaversaries!

Gathered by Denali R.

March 2016 Adoptaversaries!

  • Beth Johnson with Kimba:We are all so glad we brought this baby into our home. He’s headbutting my leg right now as I type. We renamed him Kimba (after the white lion in the anime series). He’s a little rough around the edges, but when you start off in life as he did, it’s no surprise the world is still a little scary. He went from bitey and scratchy to purring and cuddly. He talks all the time. He’s just wonderful, and we adore him. You can see more pics of him on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/planetary_pan/ plus all our other cats, including our tortie, who also came from Town Cats. Her original name was Sabrina, but we call her Chessy. Thanks for all the great work Town Cats does!”

March 2017 Adoptaversaries!

  • Nidhi Kumar Kalra with Ginger:Thank you for your email. It is hard to believe that it’s already been 4 years since we adopted Katy Purry from Town Cats. She is such an adorable cat to have and has changed our lives. My daughter had named her Ginger after we got her home. Ginger is such an integral part of our family ever since we brought her home. We adore her and she enjoys being around us all the time. I am attaching a couple of pictures of our cute Ginger! Thank you for doing the noble work of saving cats.”
  • Ben Logan with Jasmine: “Now Luna. She is still a princess. She’s not a lap cat per say, but more of a princess that tolerates us for access to food and water. We adopted a boyfriend for her last year and they wrestle and sleep together every day.” 

March 2018 Adoptaversaries!

  • Billy Kim with Barbary and Byron: “Thank you for the email. I cannot believe it’s already been three years. They are the sweetest and are doing great. They’re the best part of our lives. I only wish I had the room to adopt more. I’ve attached a couple of photos of Barbary and Byron (the one with the collar). I hope you and Town Cats are doing well.”
  • Carianne Skinner with Akira: “Thanks for reaching out!  We just celebrated Akira’s 15th birthday two weekends ago with a new blanket and extra treats. Akira loves spending her time sunbathing, being brushed daily, sitting on laps, talking inappropriately during virtual TEAM meetings, hanging out with her two younger brothers, and eating!  We did take her to the vet 2 weeks ago for an early annual checkup due to her fur loss. She had low thyroid but we felt confident a couple of meds changes will help get her back on track. She returns in about a week for another test.  So far the changes have really helped out. Attached are a couple of photos of our little Akira to share.”
  • Dylan Rust-Nguyen with Marigold: “Everything has been great with Marigold. She’s such a sweetheart. She’s been loving that we were able to work from home for most of last year because she loves cuddling in a warm lap while we work. Here are some cute pictures of her. Thanks for checking in!”



March 2019 Adoptaversaries!

  • Yurie Wang with Carol: “Glad to hear from you! Time flies! I didn’t realize it has been two years since we had Carol! She is doing great now, eating well, playing well, and is very healthy. Actually, we had a baby last year and Carol is getting along with the baby very well. She is so friendly and gentle. We all love her so much. Thanks again for bringing Carol into my life. We are so grateful to have her as a part of our family.”
  • Veronica Perez-Aguilar with Meowth: “Thank you for reaching out. Meowth is doing very well. He is Mr. Needy but a love bug. He gets along with his dog sister Luna. He loves anything orange or pink and that makes a particular sound.
  • Bill Wiese with Duke and Starburst: “We love Duke and Starburst. They definitely have different personalities. Duke has grown to be a bit sturdy (but not huge) and Starburst is light and agile. Right now Starburst is at Acacia Vet clinic – she somehow hurt her tail and 3/4” needed to be cut off  –  she has plenty of tail though.  Brought her back home but she kept getting out of her E-Collar and playing with the stitches. She is doing fine under monitoring now (no infection, etc.) and should be home in a few days – just want to keep her under the supervision and not running under the bed and removing the collar. We don’t know how she damaged the tail (vet said it was a compressive injury but we have not closed any doors on it, and nothing fell on it in the garage, and she is indoor-only. She will be fine – no infection, tapering off antibiotics, and no pain meds. Very sociable to the vet staff. At home, Duke does try to play roughly a bit but she tolerates it for a while and then swats him. Both love “Cats in the Kitchen ” wet food and love to be with us on the sofa or in bed and we have multiple cat trees/condos. They are good and don’t damage anything. We also have two robotic/electronic Litter-Robot litter boxes. We thought Duke didn’t like it because of the size but when there are two, he likes his own (when we had one he stopped ‘sharing’ with Starburst and preferred an open box in the garage). Duke is using it 100% now while Starburst is away for the next few days. I have pictures on my phone and will attach them to a copy of this email a bit later. It’s a small world because my Janice knows Alyssa of Town Cats [they worked together at an adult education center] who has stopped by and visited (in fact, when Janice told Alyssa in 2019 that we got cats, and told her the names, she instantly recognized them!)” 
  • Linh Dinh with Millie:Millie has been a great addition to our family and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her. We initially thought that Millie would need some time to adapt to her new home, but she immediately took to her new surroundings and friends (our dog and son). Thanks so much for reaching out.”
  • Brenda Rodriguez with Lily: “Hi, thank you for reaching out to me. I can’t believe it’s been two years already! She’s doing great. Her personality is very sweet but she gets shy and scared so quickly. She loves to sleep on the bed with me and her purring is the loudest. Her name is now Lily.




March 2020 Adoptaversaries!

  • Tonya Bush with Flynn: “Thank you for reaching out and checking in! Clifford (now Flynn) is doing great! He immediately got along with our other cat Harvey, is a lover of sunbathing, a nighttime howler, and a connoisseur of blankets and unusual sleeping positions. He’s my work-from-home buddy and absolutely adores my husband. Below are some of the pictures from this past year. Thank you for everything your organization does!” 

Erinn Hopkins with Harbor Seal:Thank you so very much for reaching out! We sure did celebrate one year! I cannot express enough how much Harbor Seal has been a great addition to my life! He is so full of life and so loving and supportive! I am forever grateful to Town Cats for the opportunity to enjoy his presence.”

Edited by Alexis Meehan