Tails & Ties

Announcing our spring event for 2023 – Tails & Ties!

On May 20th, we will be hosting Tails & Ties, a fundraising event at the Saratoga Foothills Club.  It’s an evening to reconnect with everyone we have missed over the past three years—a night to celebrate our achievements and look toward the future. Join us for dinner, drinks, a chat with Marilyn Krieger, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and a focus on all things feline.

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Meet Guest Speaker Marilyn Krieger!

Marilyn Krieger, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, owner of The Cat Coach, is an internationally recognized cat behavior specialist and award-winning author. She has been offering on-site and remote consultation sessions in the US as well as internationally since 2005. Marilyn works directly with clients as well as through veterinarian referrals to help resolve cat behavior challenges.

Not surprisingly, she’s fascinated by the behaviors of large and small felids of all species. After witnessing a puma being killed a few blocks from her home in the suburbs, her fascination with felid behaviors expanded to include local mountain lions and bobcats. After the tragedy, she started maintaining trail cameras, helping Bay Area Puma Project with studies and writing about pumas, bobcats and other wildlife. Her focus is on how urbanization is affecting the apex predators’ behaviors. Her wildlife articles can be read at: Urban Edge Wildlife

Marilyn is also an author and educator. Her book Naughty No More!  focuses on solving cat behavior issues through clicker training, environmental changes as well as other positive reinforcement techniques.

She gives presentations nationally as well as writes columns and articles for a variety of venues. She is also frequently interviewed for print and on-line publications. Additionally, Marilyn is a frequent guest on television and radio and has appeared, along with her Bengals and Savannah Cat on Animal Planet, CBS, ABC, KGO and other outlets.

Follow her on her Facebook business page (https://www.facebook.com/TheCatCoach/ ), for lively discussions about all things Felid.

Photo courtesy of Climate Magazine

Silent Auction and Raffle Drawing

We are still finalizing the items to be raffled and to be auctioned, so stay tuned for more info. We have a range of items in the auction, including a Disney show date, Tahoe get-away and a Pet Photography Session! Stay tuned for more info!

Disney on Broadway Show on Tour Experience (Land Only) for (2)

Nashville, Tennessee for Four Days & Three Nights (Land Only) for (2)

Lake Tahoe, Nevada for Three Days & Two Nights (Land Only) for (2)

Ticket Information
  • Tickets – $100- tickets include one raffle ticket , dinner and drinks and a Tails & Ties gift bag!

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Do you want to help?

Can’t attend but want to help there are a few ways you can still be a part of Tails & Ties! You can become a sponsor, donate an auction item, or donate directly to the event. Donate here! or contact us by email to help with the event!
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June after being adopted! Happy Tails June!
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