Town Cats Adoption & Adoptaversary Updates

April Adoptaversary Updates!

April 2016

Michelle & John R. with Ray Ray and Scooter: “Everything is going well.  Scooter and Ray-Ray have trained us well.  They are very sweet boys and love to be involved in everything we do. When we walked into the Town Cats room, Scooter immediately rubbed against John’s leg. I love to say that he chose John.  When I said that we really wanted a bonded pair or littermates, we were happy to find out that Scooter had a brother. We are so happy that they have become a part of our lives.”

Martha P. with Tinkerbell: “Tinkerbell grew up to be a beautiful big girl, with a hearty appetite.  She has a sweet, shy disposition.  She loves to sit in laps when not chasing her best friend, the Chihuahua, (or eating his food).  She’s pretty camera-shy, but here’s a picture of her with her best buddy.  She looks to us like she may be part of all Egyptian Mau, but who knows for sure. Thanks for checking on her!”

Brooke S. with Rascal: “I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we spotted our beloved Rascal. He fit right in with our family when we brought him home and he captured our hearts immediately. He is very happy and is loved beyond measure. Not a day goes by that he isn’t spoiled in one way or another.”

Alice with Cesar: “We LOVE CESAR!! MY 27YR old son loves and adores him!! He is the perfect cat and sock stealer! Thanks again!”

Vicki with Daisy: “She’s wonderful! Wish I was still volunteering for Town Cats!”

April 2017

Rama N. with Zeus: “Thank you for checking in on us and Frankie/Zeus.  We cannot believe it’s been 4 years since we’ve had Zeus, it feels like a lifetime connection.  He is doing fantastic, thriving with all of the attention from my two girls who are remote learning.  He is a very talkative and affectionate cat whose beauty lets him get away with all sorts of naughty behavior.  Here are a few pics of Zeus doing what he does best, napping and cuddling.  As you can see from the first two pics, he is the girls’ favorite model and they love taking pictures of him.”

Julianne P. with Mochi: “Everything is going well. We renamed her Mochi and she’s a really sweet kitty. She is extremely timid and spends most of her time hiding somewhere in the house but she comes out for food and when she wants pets. We are just happy to provide her with a safe home and hope one day she will come out of her shell.”

Lynn R. with Lilly: “I’m happy to report that Lilly is doing very well.  She remains somewhat afraid of most people (me included) when we are standing or upright, but doesn’t scurry away anymore.  Rather, she evaluates her escape route and saunters out after eye contact and reassurance.  Of course, she loves my husband and will approach his chair for pets on her back. Nighttime is a different matter.  She sleeps between us, expecting to be petted and scratched behind her ears, all the while purring loudly.  And if she suspects I am awake in the middle of the night, she “noses” me to let me know she’d love to be loved and petted.  She seems to have no fear if I’m lying down. I really can’t fathom what her previous owner did to her to make her so fearful.  In addition to having her declawed, I suspect she also had her vocal cords cut.  She cannot meow. Instead, she makes these sometimes loud sounds, almost like a bark.  Ark!  Ark!  She is quite communicative nonetheless and loves to be talked to–at a distance. We have also adopted another cat, “Little One” who is 13 and absolutely teeny.  She had been semi-feral but has turned into a lover. She’s a good role model for Lilly who is learning to sit in the rooms with us rather than spending her time alone in her “nest.”  They share the bed with us–while our Great Pyrenees dog sleeps outside our bedroom door, guarding us all. I think Lilly is happy with her family.  She is definitely loved, talked to, and petted (in bed at night).  She’s a lovely cat and we are so glad she is with us.”

Xin D. with Tim: “Tim is doing great! He became such a picky cat about his wet food though lol.”

April 2018

Melanie T. with Chanel: “Thank you for reaching out to check on Nora( Chanel). She is doing great and is a wonderful source of love and interaction.  She has been resilient when my daughter moved home with her cat and even was fine with the addition of a German shepherd puppy.  All are gone again and it is just Chanel and me but we have a great time together every day.  She likes to be groomed so we do that often and she has a strong play drive so she gets plenty of running around my house.  At every opportunity, she is sitting in my lap or sleeping on me when I’m in bed.  Truly, she has been a gift from heaven for me. Hoping all is well with Town Cats.”

Teresa B. with Gus Gus: “Oh Thank you for asking! I call King Larry “Gus Gus”.  He is very happy.  He is still a very big cat but the Vet says he is Not overweight; he is a perfect weight for a Big Cat!  The Vet says he is healthy (..even though FIV+). He does LOVE treats!!!!  Hartz Lickeable “Delectables” which I can’t find lately for some reason are always “Temporarily out of stock”  and also crunchy “Temptations” treats.  Most of all he is a LAP CAT!!!  I spend hours with him every day. If I am reading in my chair; he is on my lap.  If I am watching TV; he is on my lap.  He loves to be BRUSHED and he loves sitting in his two windows…watching the chirping birds or the occasional neighborhood cat. Thank you for asking!”

Nancy V. with Willie: “Willie is doing great! He’s got one playful and affectionate brother and one rambunctious younger brother. He’s filled our hearts with love and a great sense of family. He has been a perfect fit into all of our lives.”

April 2019

Natalia B. with Arianna: “I’m still in love with Arianna!! She is a lovely, sweet, grumpy(sometimes) cat!! She is doing pretty well. She likes to hang out with us all the time. She is healthy. I can’t believe it’s going to be 2 years!! She has brought joy and love to our lives. I sent a Christmas picture to Town Cats. Not sure if they received it. I’m sending some pictures! Thank you for the email!

Catherine R. with Bella: “Thank you for the special email. Momo is now Bella and she is loving life! She loves to play, be active, and hang out and watch the birds outside.”

Tiffany C. with Madame Tortuga aka BB: As far as Madame Tortuga (or BB as we call her), she is doing great! She’s happy and healthy, and about 9 years old now but still running and playing like she’s a kitten. She’s been an absolute joy to have around since day one.  She loves to cuddle and sleeps at the foot of my bed every night, and since I have been working from home full time for the last year, she hangs out in my home office with me during the day and makes an occasional appearance at my work video calls (usually at least one person in each meeting will ask how she is doing). She’s a little skittish around new people but gets used to them pretty quickly once she realizes they will pet her and has had several people remark that she has the softest fur of any cat they have ever met (her fur is fully grown now, though she was shaved in her Town Cats days). Now she spends most of her days lounging in the sun, grooming herself, and playing with laser pointers and stuffed mouse toys. She’s an absolute sweetheart, my partner and I both adore her and I am so glad I brought her home two years ago. She will be with us for the rest of her days (which will hopefully be another 10 years!) and she will be loved for every one of them.”

April 2020

Kerry R. with Lily (Didi): “Lily (Didi). Is my love bucket!  It took almost 9 months before she would look me in the eyes but absolutely loves to be petted and brushed.  She is an early riser and announces quite loudly when it is time to be fed and time to get up!  I just took her in for her yearly checkup at the vet.  She is very healthy and sweet.  She loves the dog and will bring him her toys and lay them on the dog bed. She is learning how to play hide and seek and loves to chase a beam of light. She is also my co-teacher when I am on Zoom with my classes.”